Visit by 2 Angels

Autumn came for a reason, to snitch your souls.
Two angels sprung to action, to calm the old.

My parents, still visibly shocked and saddened by the sudden loss of their 2 furry companions in a span of one week, were visited by angels last friday.

Fluttering along with their red and blue wings, they landed on my parents' premises, well prepared for their mission of kindness. Armed with big printed photographs of their grandchild and video displaying her boundless vigour, it lit a precious flame in the tunnel of despair that my mother is walking through.

Last night when I gave her a call, she was still gushing about the photographs, which she displayed in front of her bed so that she can see them whenever she is in her room. Slowly, it brought back smiles and comfort to her life. Separately, she was happy to see the angels again as she ask why they haven't been visiting. Especially the red angel, who paid regular visits in our earlier youthful days.

Mum told Dad in jest that that she wants to fly to Perth to pay us a visit and told him to "自己保重". She told me Dad exclaimed, "No! I am coming along!" Dad has always love the sea. If he didn't marry Mum, he may well be a fisherman or sailor. My Mum always lamented about the incapability of Dad because he knew next to nothing and couldn't even perform a simple chore. 

As I grow up I unconsciously made myself learn as many skills as I can. I cook, fix the toilet, fix leaks, do wood repairs, lights installation, tiles repair, construct our garden racks to get a nod of approval from Mum. Though I wasn't a brilliant child, wasn't a scholar of any sorts, I suspect she is pretty pleased with how I turned out.

I took a look at Dad. At the very least he could define what he wanted in life. Very very specifically. He could define what he likes, again, very very specifically. I am always lost when someone asked me how do I see myself in a few years time, what kind of jobs am I looking for, what are my goals in life and things like that. I can't even name my favourite fruit without pondering for a while. In terms of living a life of purpose, Dad has been doing it much better than me despite all his inadequacies as a father and husband.

Mum considered my suggestion of coming over for a long holiday instead of me sending Albany and Jen back home. I will miss both of them terribly though I know I can cope without them. So I thought of a better plan, to get everyone together for a while. When my new neighbours in Punggol summon me back when 'it's time', we will all return together. 

If there is a lesson learnt from Chocolate's departure so that he didn't die in vain, this is it. Family must be together, if we can help it. I see the positives about their coming as a getaway. The new environment could be refreshing and help them ease the memories of the dogs if they do not get to see everyday items that reminds them of both dogs. Moreover, the weather has turn pretty good here. The air and wide open spaces here should do them good. We can bring Dad to the ocean for him to rave a bit. Their time to toil has passed. It's time for them to relax.

A big Thank You to the angels who never left me all these while. I miss you guys.


  1. Good on you!
    One positive step forward into the future, which is as boundless as the ocean!

  2. That Jack Russell...oh dear..I used to admire its vigority and hyperactive jumps..How time really flies!

    On the family gathering and your parents flying over to Perth to visit you, Jen and Albany part, I feel it is a good move as they will be delighted to be able to carry Albany in their arms and give them the comfort in a new environment.

    How I wish I can visit you in Perth too!! I miss the ocean, grass patches and clear blue sky...I promise I will definitely visity you and your family in the near future when I have settled with my job issue.

    Meantime, take good care of yourself and family (I sounds like an old lady now .. hmm) I believe you will and can do it, with all the support from Jen and Albany!!

    LXL (Your long-time friend)

  3. huh? 2 furry companions.. u mean ur 2 dogs?