I was asked to share some of my observations and feelings from my return to Singapore. It has been a month since and I've posted nothing yet. I will, in time, I promise. Despite my short stay and my hectic schedule to complete what I tasked myself to do, I had adequate time to reflect on various issues during my multiple travels on the MRT trains. I might have traveled on one operated by my friend Gintai for all I know, the famous MRT blogger who announced his temporary retirement from blogging. I know this gentleman for almost a year. It was quite an amazing experience to converse with a total stranger so far away on regular basis.

We communicated almost daily at some point, during my tough times working as a steel tradie from 1500hrs to 0200hrs. Because of Gintai's odd working hours, often he would be the only one awake to reply my messages when my exhausted hands were finally freed for a rest. We have a slight generation gap but there wasn't a moment where I felt alienated in our conversations. We had our disagreements for sure and exchanged opinions without restrains as individuals, as Singaporeans. There were never hard feelings on my side and I hope it was mutual. From Gintai, I've learnt a lot more about life, Singapore, Singaporeans.

Nevermind that is the only blog by a true born and breed Singaporean that is not listed on Gintai's blog. I must be special. There isn't anything to hide though, that can be hidden in the first place from those who are actually seeking. Thus, there isn't a need to be discreet. That, of course, is my own opinion and I expect everyone else to have his own.

I'm still the sullen, cranky, moody, average Singaporean guy you wouldn't recognise on the streets. I am reactive, rarely proactive, especially in friendships and relationships. The fact that an unlikely friendship could blossom would be therefore be attributed to Gintai himself only. It isn't difficult to see why. Gintai is a people's person. A folklore hero with humble roots. Over a mere year, Gintai made friends from all walks of life. He met up with a minister for coffee for a political discussion behind closed doors and was invited by NTU to give a speech regarding his amazing debut blogging years and made friends with the big guns in Singapore blogosphere, including the main aggregators. By now Gintai has a swarm of fans who turned up not for entertainment, but truly care and discuss in seriousness about his content. Everything else aside, for the last aspect, there isn't much else a writer could ask for.

Why do I say Gintai's retirement is temporary when he clearly spelled out an 'indefinite break'? Everyone needs a break and clearly there are so many bloggers who stopped for good in the past. But Gintai is not some blogger. Something in me says once you blog with your heart, you can never turn back. 

After his well deserved break, expect Gintai.


  1. xiaxue is not in his blogroll, she must be special too.

    1. That's the problem with Android software. Sometimes it displays inaccurate information on websites.

  2. Gintai is truly a guy next door,
    met him soon after commenting at his blogs.
    He is truly a sincere bloke who speaks his mind spontaneously.

    Me shares many similar interests as him; food, beer, cigarette and
    kaypoh about socio-political affairs. Gintai has a strong sense of
    righteousness which is most respectable of him.

    Through him, i had the privilege and honour to meet up with You,
    despite the short duration, i enjoyed tat gathering tremendously.

    Like to say here that You are one Singaporean though working
    abroad, who has great concerns for both Singaporeans and Singapore.

    Let us hope tat Gintai will be back soon and tat meanwhile he will be here
    frequently to give us his insights and wisdom.


    1. Hey, I'm the girl next door too :) … However my interests are different; no alcohol no cigarettes for me.

      Rest assured he'll be back.

      Good day to all.


    2. Hi Sg Girl:

      The Sin Leaders will prefer You to produce more Singaporeans and bring them up to be good citizens to contribute to the GDP as much as possible. It will be better if they can be as proud as Agongkia and Gintai to defend Sg to their death despite knowing everyone else will chabut as fast as they can.

      Anyway, some beers with good foods and company will certainly make living more meaningful. It is worthwhile and quality living.


    3. Wise Patriot,
      You remind me of the talented and wise Taita in Wilbur Smith's Egyptian trilogy - River God, Warlock and The Quest. Taita is similar to Tun Perak - the power behind the throne of the Malacca Sultanate. Taita lived till past 100 yrs, some say nearly 200 years! He survived all the Egyptian pharaohs!
      Are you the equivalent of Taita or Tun Perak?
      Anyway, Sg Girl is only keen on mangoes. Only mangoes could tempt her - that's her weakness and Archilles' heel! Lol!