Wanted: A PM with Balls

Credits: Getty images, newstalkzb and CK

PM Lee Hsien Loong once said,

“We have to remake Singapore. Our economy, our education, our mind-set, our city. It must be a totally different Singapore. Because if its the same Singapore today, we're dead,”

PM Lee isn't wrong. Singapore may be as good as having a leg in the coffin today, especially so if Singapore has the same Prime Minister tomorrow. We should be appointing an able leader who is willing to stand up for Singapore and represent Singapore in the right light, instead of portraying a dodgy Singapore system to the rest of the world.

We have a Singapore system? I wonder if it is the same Singapore system when we had our first Prime Minister who aced many interviews then. It seems that PM Lee can only give scripted interviews to a state-controlled press. As the highest paid prime minister in the world, this is unfortunate for Singaporeans, who have been over-paying a dud for the job for close to a decade and appear to be set to continue doing so for another. As a Brigadier-General who is expected to lead Singaporeans in the turbulent times, we expect more from a man who hides from an interview to a free press.

When Mas Selamat escaped, there wasn't a response from PM Lee for many days, yet the same man could issue a condemnation on Amy Cheong via his facebook account while being on overseas duties, ironically on the same day he hid from an interview in New Zealand. It seems that the PM picks his opponents. He needs a pair.


  1. Paper general where got balls?
    But no balls still the highest paid in the world.

  2. On the subject of a PM with balls, I am inclined to believe Spore would have been much better off if LKY had actually groomed WeiLing like a son to be PM and HsienLoong as the daughter. Perhaps LKY on hindsight is now regretting that he did not initiate a sex change for the 2 siblings.

    Having said, I doubt very much the next PM selected from a bunch of PAP eunuchs will have balls.

    1. >> Perhaps LKY on hindsight is now regretting that he did not initiate a sex change for the 2 siblings.

      LOL! :P

      Btw, based on the current system, very likely the next no-ball PM will be TeoCH. What do u think? ^^

    2. Hen is the one. He has such a strong resemblance to The One.

    3. @anon 23.43,
      a friend's spouse who happened to be a PAP elite serving at grassroots level mentioned HengSK is the famiLee choice, rather than Hen.
      Either way, it makes no diff because they are all eunuchs....unless of course one of these eunuchs is like the legendary Admiral Cheng Ho, known for his expeditions to foster trade.