Patchy Drizzles

Anonymous23 October 2012 21:26

Oh pls... The rain here isn't torrential like the monsoon rain you get in Singapore. It comes in patchy drizzles and doesn't last all day. Why lament about the petrol expended when you have spent airfares to fly your folks over?

What is this term "the father" and not "my father"?


When someone anonymous use the word 'here', I assume he or she is living in Perth with me. Let's call this anonymous commenter R. Obviously most people that live in Perth longer knows the weather better than me. For example when I experienced a hail storm at the end of Autumn, little ice balls the size of M&M chocolates pelting down my car, my friend Angel laughed it off. 5 minutes later, she sent some photos over, sharing what she got sometime ago - a backyard fully covered with hail debris, golf ball size.

When someone 'oh pls' me, it meant that I must be wrong. Reflection is required. I got to be hallucinating when my car aqua planed kilometres of ROE highway that few nights. If that wasn't enough, I must an unconvincing fabricator when I shared my story about the storm sweeping past my suburb the other day. Torrential rain must be a gross overstatement for the storm. In fact, it was probably the neighbour's faulty washing machine and I should actually be in bed with my teddy bear instead of paying attention to that.

Granted, rain does come in 'patchy drizzles' in Perth on regular basis but I will never tell anyone the rain 'isn't torrential like the monsoon rain in Singapore'. Folks who spent adequate time outdoors in Perth know that when it comes, it is much worse than anything you can get in Singapore. I am not even talking about destructive rating storms, just rain. It rained almost every consecutive night for a span of 2 weeks last Spring, hitting my colleagues and I on the way home at 0300 hrs. I mean, I don't want to be a weather expert here. Let's just agree that I don't know what a torrential monsoon rain in Singapore is supposed to be, spending my 30 odd years in a test tube. In that case, I'll call those rainy nights in Perth artificial extremely mobile car washes, without soap.

Context for asingaporeanson. Fair enough, the rain mentioned in the blog post were patchy drizzles that weekend. And yes, these drizzles don't last all day. Context for R. I don't have all day to wait for patchy drizzles to stop. I don't have access to accurate information when patchy drizzles 30 km away will stop. Do I use some common sense to stay at home to spend quality time or subject them to shivering in the rain under a gloomy sky watching rough currents in the ocean with a bag of chips each if those trolling drizzles decided to be larger patches that you thought they would be? Yes I do.

Why lament about me lamenting about inconsequential items when you probably have spent half your life reading a shitty rag like The Strait Times?


  1. "Why lament about me lamenting about inconsequential items when you probably have spent half your life reading a shitty rag like The Strait Times?"
    I like the last stmt! I was guilty of that! Not anymore cuz I stop reading Shitty Times.

  2. (typos corrected)

    Maybe some of us learnt too well since young, to take on the derisive, scolding tone that our elders used to raise up us.

    However, these days, derisive high-handed tones don't work even when one is in the right.
    It just makes one come across as that much of an annoying jerk.

    What's left is to paint black as the new white, to uphold wrong as always right… and to present the emperor's new clothes.

    But even all that spin is beginning to function like that old mobile feature phone (also known as dumb ~) of yesterday (as opposed to smart ~s of today).