Only Politics and Religion, Mr Teo Chee Hean?

Politics and religion must be kept strictly separate, says Teo

Politics and religion must be kept strictly separate, especially within the context of multi-racial Singapore, said Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean. Well said lah, Uncle Teo. When it comes to dirty stuffs like that, the government jumps out of it faster than you can say kns. Do you know what else in Singapore that politics and religion must be kept strictly separated?

PAP and Education

Don't mix
Like Mc Donald's, the idea is to capture the customers when they are kids so that they grow to be lifelong customers. Apply to the politics, ta-da! PAP Kindergarten. This makes me feel I am voting against my Alma mater. Politics and education must be kept strictly separated, Uncle Teo. Ok?

PAP and Media

Shit comes with colors these days
Firstly, ask your friend Uncle Yakult to keep clear of the internet. The internet does not belong to your Ah Gong or the PAP. Do you regulate how your neighbor should mow his lawn just because you don't like how his garden looks?  Maybe you guys do, being who you are. The moral here is, don't regulate something that doesn't belong to you even if you relish being a bigger asshole than ever. Some world records aren't meant to be broken.

Secondly, keep the Straits Times free. I'm not referring to the price. I have not bought a single copy of The Shit Times and The Nonsense Paper for years. Not because I couldn't afford it, but I don't feel good paying for a piece of shit. In fact, calling things like that shit is an insult to shit itself. Same goes for Mediacorpse and other forms of rotting sources of mainstream media. What do you think Uncle Teo?

It's time for a change, upgrading is passe
PAP and Upgrading

The hard truth is, Singaporeans lust for upgrading. We had Main Upgrading Programme (MUP), Lift Upgrading Programme (LUP). We like covered link-ways that covered the entire island like a spider web, plastic playgrounds to replace perfectly fine sand-bedded ones, new bus stops, new lights and new coat of paint.

The ruling incumbent's agenda granted assurances that wards which voted for their candidates would be eligible for the earliest rounds of upgrading and the 'bad Singaporeans' we voted in an opposition party would have their neighborhood upgraded last, or not at all. How can Singaporeans allow a political party to influence a government institute to tune a national housing program to the party's benefit? Politics and upgrading don't mix Mr Teo.

Democratic joke
PAP and Elections Department

The Elections Department is under the Prime Minister Office. The Prime Minister is the General Secretary of the PAP. Every elections the ED cuts up Singapore with calculated precision. Japan has their Samurai swords, Italy has their pizza cutters, Singapore has their Election Departments boundaries dividers. We are not proud of it, Mr Teo. 

Partners my ass
PAP and Labour Union

The word is union but the PAP has probably took it too literally to make themselves the "partners of nation building" with the Labour Union. Question: What happens to this "partnership" if an opposition party took over as the ruling party one day?

Does the union changes partner automatically like a slut? Or will the PAP and union partnership continues to "build the nation" with the new government? Why did we allow such a incredulous situation to happen to Singapore? No, Mr Teo. This partnership is not cool. 

Jokes cannot get sickier than this

For a sick morning joke, look no further than the website of the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau. [link] If reading "independent body" and "directly responsible to the Prime Minister" within the same short paragraph doesn't turn your tummy, you are macho dude. I'm sure you are one of the macho man, Mr Teo. Bear in mind not everyone in Singapore can stomach this as well as you.

Department of Uncle Teo

The infamous ISD, detention without trail and the affiliation of the PAP and ISD is staple knowledge but it's still worth a recap. The ISD is a special department of the Ministry of Home Affairs and the ministry is always headed by a PAP man. The stated mission is to confront and address security threats, including international terrorism, foreign subversion and espionage. The ISD also monitors and addresses potential threats from communism, prevention of racial tension which might affect the public peace, domestic counterterrorism, international counterterrorism, fraud against the state, surveillance, apprehension of suspected militants or terrorists and protection of Singapore's national borders.We are not doubting ISD's integrity here. They are here to catch the bad crooks. The problem is, who defines the bad crooks.

As the current Minister of Home Affairs, Uncle Teo will surely be able to answer to that. What do you think?


  1. You should be a MP and Shoot all of them lol

    ah pooh

    1. All sinkies need to ask and answer these simple questions:

      1) What we mean by Government built housing? It is building an affordable house where sinkies could not afford for a private property, thus, it is cheap and subsidized by Government and paying through our CPF.

      2) Are we buying the Government housing or are we renting it or helping the Government to pay off the land lease? If we purchase the house, why there isn't any rights on your own house or property?

      3) If it is to be built affordable for the people, why are the price tag almost equal to the private property?

      Sinkies are still not sure who these Government are. They are just a mandate to work for the people and not rule over us in anyway.

      The nation is build for all to share, not the people worked like cattle in the fields and the authority took our harvest to lavish their lifestyle - power, wealth, status, benefits, privileged lives, etc.

      The people do not mind the cake is shared in a bigger or smaller pieces, but, don't give us the crumbs instead.

  2. this bloke's a quitter, just like the chinese aussie woman, amy cheong, of perth, wa).

    1. Nah, I'm just a dog. So are you.

    2. He or She QUIT becoz the Whither tan White Pigs force them out You Idiot!!!!!! So many Pigs children are quiter go find out yourself!!!!!

    3. LOL.

      You have just heard a daft Singaporean.

  3. Wow, you are featured!


  4. Open secrets.
    Hiding in broad daylight.
    自欺欺人 Deceiving ourselves, fooling others.
    The emperor's new clothes.

  5. "You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time, but not all the people all the time."

    1. The agony is that they have been fooling majority of the people for a long time, yet the party still won't collapse, and I don't foresee the party to be collapsing soon, not even in 2016. Seems like majority of sinkies prefer to be treated as fools. Sad to say so.

  6. What a brutal truth !

    PAP just can't handle those truth.

    What make PAP think that they still have the moral authority to govern the tiny red dot ?

    1. Moral means nothing to the MIWs anymore. They are only interested in their own interests - power, wealth, status, benefits, privileged lives, etc.

      Moral or no moral, the key is they are still voted in by majority of the kuasu-kuasi Sinkies during election to govern the tiny red dot. Sad to said so, but what to do...

    2. To them power comes first while moral authority is good but dispensable.
      Politics and religion do not mix because they are not monks or priests but they do get to be advisers or patrons to taoist temples as grassroot leaders.

  7. All these inherited problems will become the legacy left behind by one power-hungry man for all our future generations to come.

    That is probably why so many Singaporeans are now looking forward to the funeral of this selfish man.

  8. When Teo CH proclaimed politics and religion must be kept strictly separate, it can only imply his PAP has yet to find a way to influence religion in their favour.

    So far it is PAP and msm, PAP/ntuc, PAP/isd, PAP/cpib, PAP/electionsdept, PAP/schools, etc

    Now imagine what reward LKY and son will bestow to have PAP and God ?
    But it seems they are acutely aware it is beyond them, because a God that can be subservient simply does not exist ?

    1. Actually, it kind of scary (and sad to say) that Sillypore has come to such a stage that literally everything (from media, newspapers, broadcasting, schools, unions, defence, CPIB, ISD, CPF, country reserves, etc.) are until the CONTROL of the PAP alone.

    2. Oops! Typos... should be "UNDER" the CONTROL, not "until".

  9. You forgot about the grassroots and thePeople's Association...

    1. You forgot about the banks, transport etc.
      No I didn't. I just got sick of writing it.

  10. This is a sad country with bloody dafts just refusing to open their eyes.

  11. Replies
    1. Main Stream Media (e.g. SPH, Mediacock, etc.)

    2. Manipulating Singaporean Minds
      (refer wikipedia for world ranking)

  12. thanks for the answer... :)