Tricky Spring Weather

Spring has been toying with me since our return. Most of the weekdays were sunny and bright but the weekends had been cloudy and rainy. Except for occasional walks to the nearby town centre and parks, my parents had been staying at home most of the time because I was using Goldie for work everyday. They told me they didn't feel bored at home. 

My mum would be finding herself work to do. By now, my planting verge is free of weeds. She cleared them within her first week here with my father in spite of my rejection. Last evening, I spied 5 pots curiously standing by the boundary wall the house, neatly planted with wild flowers. Everyday, the father will patrol the external area of the house and share his inspection findings with mum. Then he'll return indoors to read newspapers.

Alas, when I finally get time to go out with them during the weekends, it had been rainy or cloudy. In such weather, it wasn't a good idea to be at the beach. Or probably anywhere else outdoors, with elderly and a baby. Unfortunately all of us love the outdoors. Though we don't mind, we have no fervent passion to be indoors somewhere else  if we decided to leave the house together. Besides, the beautiful part of Perth lies much outside, the fresh air and fine scenery. Personally I don't mind cooping in the library like I did countless times with my buddy in Singapore. Gosnells Library looks like a one to spend an afternoon in, with a terrific view of the park but I realised it was one of the understated luxuries before I became a parent.

It wasn't difficult to outwit Spring to get the family to City Beach in fine weather. There got to be a good day somewhere. Yesterday I arranged for them to wake up early, took them to work and dropped myself off. Jen took over the wheel and drove them up north to ?North Coogee and then City Beach. The latter did not disappoint as I expected. They enjoyed the morning by one of the best beach spots in Perth. Even baby Albany did, as evident in the video that Jen took for me that shown her flapping her arms and laughing with her gramdmother. They went home to rest for the afternoon before Jen came by to fetch me back home after work. Expended more petrol than usual but that does the job.

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  1. Oh pls... The rain here isn't torrential like the monsoon rain you get in Singapore. It comes in patchy drizzles and doesn't last all day. Why lament about the petrol expended when you have spent airfares to fly your folks over?

    What is this term "the father" and not "my father"?