Lifeblood of a Nation

It is no wonder you drive around in your company's ute doing deliveries.

Make better use of your time with your daughter rather than typing up something that doesn't help your friend with the CPA.

Like what many would say... If you think you are smart, just stay that way... Don't act smart


I don't normally reply to idiots. While this one deceptively appeared as one, it was just an ignorant child under the guise of stupidity. So that deserves a post of its own. Never mind Penny thanked me on the spot when she picked me up and gave me a lift home after her CPA exams on Tuesday. I'm not going into that today.

Instead, let's look at this golden words

"It is no wonder you drive around in your company's ute doing deliveries." - Anonymous wise man

It could be loosely interpreted as making deliveries is a low-end, embarrassing job that reflects the doer's intelligence, educational level and social class. Let me just help out this guy and add more to the job description. A delivery driver must be prudish, stupid and speaks incoherently. He must not be able to express this thoughts in a logical manner than the average population. In fact, delivery drivers shouldn't dine outdoors. In the case of essentiality, a delivery driver should be confined in having his meal in a toilet of a fast food restaurant in a third world country.

Tell that to DHL or FedEx. Tell that to Ah Teck, the truck driver of the construction company I used to work with in Singapore. The man who kept the entire company's operations running. To every project manager or engineer in the company, he was the spine of the business. The fool who did not recognise the intrinsic value of a good truck driver would live to see his project going down to the dumps. A good driver makes or breaks any business.

Apparently, the nationality who slap stigma on jobs tends to be Singaporeans. That is a paradox, judging by how often a Singaporean judge people by their income levels. A truck driver has very high income potential. Ah Teck was the only staff in the company outside the bosses who could afford to run his family on a single-income basis, providing his wife a consistent $2,000 of "Housekeeping fee" every month and could afford a better car than most of the young engineers in the company. Very often, Ah Teck would share with me his record income of $8,500, his highest monthly intake. He averaged a $4-5k easily on quiet months. What's the catch? He drives a class 5 truck. Obviously, that commands a higher salary to the drivers starting out with smaller trucks.

I brought up this to satisfy the population who go soft at the knees when they meet someone with a higher income than their own. Not me. His income did not impressed me the slightest. It was an open secret as each of us sign Ah Teck's job cards and knew exactly how much he yielded that month if we bothered to make a quick mental count. Whenever I hear someone talking about this topic in the company and hearing statements like "Not bad for a driver", I looked at them in a new way. New snobs added to the list.

You can be still an asshole, whatever your job or income
Granted, to many, Ah Teck's income wasn't even considered 'high' to these snobs. They masturbated to their bosses' pay cheque and got orgasms from featured people in the Investment Section of Sunday Times each week. So how much you earn or what job you do defines the person you are these days? Ever heard of John Terry or Mah Bow Tan? Rich, but not exactly people I would tip my hat towards. More of a boot in groin if I am allowed to, especially for the latter.

Don't get me wrong. I don't have a problem against rich people, even the assholes among them. They live their lives and I live mine. The focus of this is the smart anonymous guy who attempts to paint me based on what he reads in the blog. In my humble opinion, he should get a life and start something more exciting than telling a blogger whom he doesn't know in person who he is and what he should be doing in his spare time. He can even pretend he knows me better than my wife do. In fact, he'll be telling me I should be dyeing my graying pubic hair in the next few comments.Would I be surprised? Not the slightest. Perhaps, hanging himself by his eyelids to a pair of fishing rods on top of Rialto Towers sounds like a better past time more suited to someone of his psychological condition.

No. I am not being ironical here by dictating someone's life. The above was highly recommended but not compulsory. Perhaps it isn't obvious enough to me that reading my blog IS life. Perhaps my blog is a life-support system that may send these critters to chasms of oblivion if I delete the blog or block all comments. I respect all forms of lives, including the pathetic ones so I must be self sacrificial and continue to blog.

For the ignorant chap who spewed that sentence that defines his intelligence, listen up.

A delivery man is a man on mission every single day. He is responsible and reliable enough to be trusted to operate arguably the most expensive assets of many companies.  Every delivery trip represents the reputation of his company, as well as their survival. No delivery, no revenue. A delivery man has to be highly knowledgeable and resourceful, being alone on the job most of the time to handle weather conditions and the most unexpected challenges on route. A delivery man has to be focused during work for mere seconds of a lack concentration means damages to properties and the risk of taking lives, including his own. Most importantly, common sense is required, which you seem urgently lacking. 

A successful delivery very often, brings heave of reliefs and breathless thank yous while an unsuccessful one could begets huge disappointments down the chain. A delivery man does his jobs in casual wear, unlike folks in clown suits trying to breathe through their choking ties in their uncomfortable air conditioned office. He listens to music and screams during work if he feels like it. 

The average Singaporean seems to have no clue, let alone appreciation of, how important delivery is to the function of Australia and even Singapore, as a nation. If any of these wheels stop turning, folks in their clown suits will be the first to notice it with core industries such as healthcare and FnB paralysed. Forget about withdrawing money either for ATMs would run out of cash and all businesses will came to a standstill within days. 

Delivery men are the lifeblood of a nation, akin the blood in a human body delivering oxygen to every nook and crevice that functions. You can be ignorant before, but there isn't an excuse now. Say this in the face of an Australian truckie, "No wonder you do deliveries." I hope you say it like you are having an orgasm when you meet someone holding a 'respectable job', with your hands clasped with wet watery eyes. If you are doing that instead with the cowardly sneer behind internet anonymity, I sincerely wish you getting a free fisting in your sorry ass.


  1. WAH LAO EH.

    Why you go picah lobang about the salary? Now every Tom and his hairy dick would want to be a truck driver!!!

  2. (re-posted after typo spotted and corrected)

    Dear -asingaporeanson-,

    An Anonymous comment, like the one you replied to through this post, gives the feeling that people with such a mentality are like Windows 3.1 trying to run Windows 7 software.
    It feels like they are long overdue for overhaul and upgrade.

    If this is what Singapore still is in 2012, our world-class status is in jeopardy from ourselves.
    Soon, we'll degenerate as a nation, to be far less happier than even Bhutan.

  3. To all the extand, if the Anonymous is a person who thinking to migrate to Australia, I would think it is too difficult for him to adapt for the culture in Australia. There is no such thing as occupation level in Australia. A truck driver in fact earn a lot more than a person just merely sitting inside the office. Especially those mine site driver. Me myself also thinking to get a truck license when I can to drive a multi-combo... That earns good money... Why not.... a perfectly decent and high earning job.

    You wont be surprise a female driving a big truck zooming around. Especially female bus driver. So, do you think that driver is a low-end cheapo job.

  4. It's hard to undo a lifetime of indoctrination.

    But I will try. Ex-Raffles boy here, and I would be happy to land a driving job in Melbourne, because I really like driving, and I won't mind a bit of heavy lifting because it's gonna be damn good exercise. Which I sorely need. I know the folks back home will balk. But I don't give a flying f**k.

    I guess in some ways Singapore is held ransom by FT holding on to lower jobs. A very delicate situation. It's not the FTs' fault. I'm looking at the Ministers who made the country the way it is.

    In fact, if you think about it, the pinnacle of "delivery jobs" are the ambulance drivers AND the rubbish collectors. Ok, rubbish collectors are a close second. The need to get to hospital quickly is always obvious, but rubbish piling up is something that we in Singapore take for granted not to happen. And it is through the daily toil of these (mostly?) foreign workers which enables Singapore to be in a livable condition

    I won't drive a rubbish truck in Melbourne though. I am not man enough. Even though I hear the pay is good. :p