Golden Age

"We have a vision for tomorrow. Just believe. Just believe."

Each time I have a conversation with my friend Aku, he'll ask me why, why, why did I choose to work and live in Perth. Indeed, with Singapore going through its Golden Age, it is ridiculous not to be part of it. With dishwashers and taxi drivers earning $3,000 and $7,000 respectively and only an income of $1,000 necessary to lease a HDB flat and run a family, who don't want to be in Singapore? Only the fools want to get out.

Really. If Singapore is as bad as said, why would 3 million foreigners rush to be there? For every Singaporean who leave his homeland, 10 foreigners will wave frantically at the Singapore government and shout, 'Ko! Ko! Ko!' or “選我,老大!” Who am I to say 3 million foreigners are wrong? Singapore isn't bad for me. I could have applied to be a teacher and volunteer to be the head of National Education, earn a bit lower than a cabbie but life will be alright and maybe, even fun. It may even be better than my current situation, wondering if I would be chase out by the landlord upon the expiration of each lease. On top of that, I will have the company of my friends. It touches my heart each time to be told I will be missed. So my excuses to Aku are running dry, I have no business to be living in Perth.

At the moment, I would relish a bit more time in an environment where there is no pressure on me on my choice of car, less people urging me to junk that rubber hand-nokia mutant mobile phone that couldn't charge 90% of the time and no neighbours will be running around showing me how his child can walk and blog better than me at 5 months old. 

But I do miss all of you.


  1. If foreigners are rushing to Singapore, it means that Singapore is good to and good for foreigners, yes?

    But it doesn't mean that Singapore is good to and good for Singaporeans, yes?

    Both are not mutually inclusive.

    And therein lies the fallacy.

  2. " no neighbours will be running around showing me how his child can walk and blog better than me at 5 months old"

    Lol! I agree that Sinkies are kiasu and treat their kids like prized possessions or toys! But then 5 mths can blog better than you? Have we reached that pathetic stage? Maybe soon!

    Have you lost touch about our govt. It's generally agreed that this govt treat foreigners better than locals. This govt give them jobs, housing and other benefits whilst they tax and stinged (stingy) on locals. The locals are discriminated by the govt and bosses preferring foreigners instead. They pump in lots of money to "integrate" them and at the same time telling natives to accept and be "open heart" to welcome them with open arms when they call us "dogs" and snook at us! They need not learn our official languages and customs but we need to speak their version to integrate! Where on earth can you find a govt like ours? Where on earth can you find parents treating adopted step children than their own flesh and blood? Sg is the only place on earth! Our leaders favour them blatantly than locals. So you see why foreigners love Sg whilst natives migrated overseas cursing their fate? That's the reason. Ppl like you got option to emigrate. What about the so many helpless natives stuck here? They got NO choice but to stay whilst receiving crumbs like $50 voucher thrown at their faces! Sad but it's true if you care to ask around and read in the net. It's all over the net yet they just refuse to believe and refuse to acknowledge this deep rooted anger and deep seated hatred against those in power favoring foreigners over local natives.

  3. Scarly the PAP government gets inspired by the pictures and really drive those folks' pay to SG$7,000/month -- only catch is the cost of living (i.e. inflation) rises much faster, resulting in decreasing real wages (despite increasing nominal wages).

  4. At least you mention decreasing real wages. What about stagnant pay for note than 10 yrs! Isn't it worst? At least if there is pay increase albeit decreasing real value not so bad! You see our pathetic situation and why they go overdrive with that taxi story?