NSW Contact for Disability Care and Country Living Queries

Dear Nix,

My name is Louise and I have been reading random posts off your blog. It is a good break (from reading stuff for studies) reading your blog.  I appreciate the frank opinions, advice and the very sense that you do try your very best to be as tactful as possible.  You are indeed an icon of your own and it is good to know that people of Singapore can write to you for un-flowered advice.

I am Singaporean, married to a dear old pomp. But unlike the usual SPGs, I met my husband, Chris, in Jakarta where we both worked for the same company. Long story short, I came to Australia because of Raphael, our 7 year old boy. Raph is non verbal and severely autistic.  From this, you can most likely draw the conclusion that I am here because of the inclusion-ness that aussie land offers.  Yes indeed, and I think we have come a long way.  Raph is very fortunate to receive a 12k funding with his diagnosis and used for therapy and equipment before his 7th birthday.  He goes to a public school and receive extra funding for a full time aide.  I live in a small country town called Temora, our nearest city is Wagga Wagga, where most 'major' services are. For anything more serious, we go to either Canberra or Sydney.  My 9 months old twins were born premature and I spent 2 months in Shitney- but another time for that story if anyone is keen.

I realised that a lot of your queries are directed to living in Perth or Sydney.  And quite a bit from mothers with children with disabilities.  I am most willing to help out if there are any queries regarding country living (in general.) and I know a lot about disability care and education, various care groups, fundings and grants in NSW and Tasmania (I lived there with Raph for 2 years before Chris found a job in country NSW and we reunited as a family again. He was a FIFO- fly in, fly out)  

If you are ever interested for a holiday in NSW, you and your family are most welcome to stay with us. I am sure Geoff, our donkey, Lucy, Ohio and Barker, the horses, and our gay bull, Du Lan, will appreciate some nice company.  Google Temora, if you have time.

Best regards,

Looks like a great place to go!

Hi Louise, 

This is the first time someone from the East has offered me a stay. Thank you very much! Just by the name of your animals, especially your gay bull, I'm already tempted to fly there for a holiday this Summer. Unfortunately, that is a luxury that I may not be able to afford for a while yet. I'll love to hear more about Temora and stories about setting up home there though, if you can afford the time off your studies in the future. Tell me about your twins too.

Thank you for your kindness in offering to help out to address queries, especially in the eastern state where I have absolutely no clue about anything there. Future inquirers will surely benefit from your information. For myself, I'll be sending country living questions every now and then soon enough - for I've made it no secret that I want (and will) live in a regional zone eventually. For a start, perhaps, do you happen to keep bees?

Once again, thank you for writing to me and offering to help. I wish you and your family blissful years to come. In the mean time, take care and please let me hear from you sometime again.



  1. Too bad that Du Lan is gay, or he can gan my cow Chee Bye.

  2. My email is beautymonsterr@gmail.com