Visitor from Sydney

Agent Y visited on Wednesday. We got to know each other through this site. That would be the third time she visited me in Perth, once in a year. I hardly warm up to people I didn't know well but Agent Y was one of the rare exceptions, mainly due to her outgoing, straight talking nature. I never asked why Agent Y chose to pay me visits when she only had 1-2 chances to meet up with somebody within her tight schedules. Perhaps I was the only one she knew here. Nonetheless I was happy to see her, after not hearing from her for almost a year.

Agent Y slims down significantly every time I meet her. I almost couldn't recognise her when she appeared downstairs, waving up at me. Isn't Sydney a busy, crowded place like Singapore? How could someone look healthier and younger working in such an environment? Perhaps it is time to put such an unsubstantiated notion to rest. Myself, for example, look older and worse than 3 years ago in boring boring Perth. However we have one thing in common, we are happy where we are. That was a stark contrast to Agent Y's situation when she first started working in Sydney. Then, she wrote an email to me almost demanding an explanation from me on why I am happy living in Australia when she couldn't see where the hype was. That evening, she revealed there was only a slim chance she would ever want to work in Singapore again, despite the fact she is earning lesser in Sydney. ($50 an hour) Well she was a real professional in her field, unlike the most of us, acting to be professionals just because we have "engineers", "executives", "consultants" or "directors" in our job title. You see, based on pay scale alone, a Sanitary Delivery Specialist in Singapore will not hesitate to work as a toilet cleaner in Australia for more pay, despite being his job being called what it is. However Agent Y issue is the opposite because she will be paid much more working in Singapore than Australia in her profession. It will be the same situation for professionals who worked themselves to a certain level in their careers in Singapore. It isn't easy for most Singaporeans to feel balanced in the mind if our pockets are lighter due to a decision. Thus, not many Singaporeans can migrate and never regret doing so.

I didn't have to ask for reason why her motivations of working in Singapore diminished over these 3 years. Life is simpler for her, despite Sydney. She walks to-and-fro work for a total distance of 5km a day, rain or shine. That may be a contributing factor why she looks better. In addition, she sleeps more and likely better. She knocks off on time. She does not own a house nor a car. Less responsibilities to fret over with. Minus the old friends and colleagues to entertain. She did not have to keep up with the Joneses, which she found herself constantly doing subconsciously back in her Singapore days. More importantly, a chance to discover - and be - herself. She has been doing a great job living a happier life. Her radiance proves it. She didn't even mind the shitty fried rice I cooked for her.

I confirmed with Agent Y I am still happy living in Perth. Unlike her with a host of employment options available if she chose to return to Singapore, I may be better off selling Ice Kachang rather than wasting my time searching for a job. It's literally a cool job and with a meaningful mission. I can cool down a hot headed Singaporean population so stressed up till we have to find pleasure in prosecuting a 16 year old for speaking words.

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