If You Look

Would you work in the fields?

Would you drive a bus?

Would you work in a shop?

No, most of us would not do that in Singapore, because we have evolved to a stage where we believe the superiority of a human being is tagged to the jobs we do for a living. It used to be a job was just a job, a cash for time transaction but today, it is something more. Singaporeans today filter out jobs like the would for a potential suitor. Who can we blame? If we have invested so much time and money in our education, will we do ourselves justice if we take up something malapropos? The problem with this is that, if our economy run out of jobs that we are trained for, we either move overseas for opportunities, shift our job expectations or get ready to be butt fucked in Singapore.

While we have a strong economy, it is also one of the most dynamic ones around. Change in Singapore is always at a pace that we reluctant to keep up with. Once upon a time, a semiconductor engineer raked in big bucks. Today, he has a better chance being a school bus conductor. The legion of bio-science graduates of the yester-years will be happy if they have enough test tubes to wash these days. So, are you surprised to see a PHD driving a taxi?


The post today is not about Singapore jobs. It's about casual jobs around Perth. Well, these have nothing to do with Singaporeans because most Singaporeans give me a dirty look if I mention casual jobs. For those whom I did not communicate face-to-face with, they pretended I never mentioned it or the text never get sent through. So I concluded from my few years experience dealing with new Singaporean migrants that Singaporeans and casual jobs just don't mix. They neither want one nor feel happy doing it. Even one employer (shared in a post sometime ago) simply said (not to me) that Singaporeans "couldn't work."

The Taiwanese backpacker on working-holiday visa text me several times to ask me if I know of any job openings. His Taiwanese contact has a "black job" for him which he did not want to pick up. "Black jobs" are basically illegal jobs. Either they are illegal in nature or pay structured in such a way that employees can evade tax, therefore illegal. Sam wanted a clean job and was happy even with harvesting in a farm. Sadly, Dodgymi did not pick up my calls when I have recommendations for me, affirming my choice of nickname for him.

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  1. I would do causal jobs. Who cares as long as there's money.