Wedding Bells are Ringing

After lying in bed through Monday and Tuesday, I got back to work reluctantly on Wednesday. My throat was hurting and I wasn't in a good condition to communicate with colleagues. My only focus was to clear the stuff that was shockingly left untouched by unmotivated folks in my absence and get the day done. We got everything sent out and a container unloaded. It was a good day at work. I couldn't wait to go home to nurse the throat, which felt like needles piercing within by then, as well as the fever caused by it.

I hugged Albany a lot because I couldn't use words. I also threw her in her bedroom when she stole food without asking when I wasn't looking because it was too painful to talk, let alone in a louder, stern manner. She wailed and reflected in her bed and came out to apologise. It was never easy to hold anything against Albany but I had to pretend at times, for the sake of emphasizing the importance of certain values. She would grow up to be a fine woman, not because of but in spite of her dad. She has grown a lot in the blink of the eye. I miss her naivety but welcome her wisdom and her ability to surprise me with her new capabilities. My only regret was that I never blog progressively about her growing up. I won't want to do that for the second child either because Albany will always be special to me. Perhaps one day, I shall backtrack and jot down my stories with Albany in another blog, since these private memories are of nobody's business in a site where newcomers are fishing for migration details and I will be doing them a favour by not flooding the blog with irrelevancy.

By today, I totally lost my voice. I'm glad nobody came up to me and ask, "Nix did you lose your voice?" That way, I can still turn up for work without feeling being surrounding by morons.

I have to turn up in a church tomorrow to help the upcoming groom to move furniture around for his wedding on Saturday. Unfortunately, the helping hand does not excuse me from attending the wedding. Normally, I'll shun these events if I can but for this couple. This wedding will a rare one among my friends in Perth because the rest of them were already married. The reason of my attendance isn't the rarity of the event but for the bride who is an important family friend of ours. This shall be the first wedding I attend in Perth. I'm sure I will enjoy it. Without a voice, it makes it even easier not to talk to anybody. My only hope is my fever subsides tomorrow, though it will not be bothering me that much in a cool Autumn afternoon.

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