Haze in Perth

I wanted to write daily since the previous hiatus. The spirit was willing but the flesh was weak. I was down with something similar to what I suffered in Singapore again, this time at a worse intensity. 

Aha! I said I hardly get sick in Perth so what is my excuse this time? 

Well, I did not really feel 100% for 2 weeks since I came back for Singapore. Normally I stop medication for common illnesses to allow my body to fight its own battles, albeit it takes much longer to do so. Before I could finally put the bugs away for good, I experienced something crappy for the first time since I came to Perth.

Thick smog had partially engulfed the normally clear blue Autumn sky for days by now. It was an interesting observation because when we experience a haze attack in Singapore, we will always be affected island wide. In this case, thick haze seems to originate at the Canningvale frontier. Canningvale again - the suburb where most Singaporeans in the Singaperth somehow always choose to stay when they first move to Perth. That's probably why I limit my visits to this suburb to some friends staying there long before it was cool. These days, whenever I see newly arrived Singaporeans declaring that they are going to stay in Canningvale, I make a mental note to avoid them. Nothing personal. Just me being me the weird.

Don't get me wrong. I am not implying that Singaporeans living in Canningvale set bushes on fire because they miss choking in their annual haze festival back in paradise. Singaporeans are too law abiding to do that. It will normally be someone else setting fire and Singaporeans calling the police to complain. Not sure if any Singaporeans actually did that. If they did it will be in vain, as this haze is caused by a phenomenon known as Prescribed Burns.

I came to know about this term from Ms Joni Yeo, who live close enough under the enlarging miasma to be concerned. There was actually a warning by the Parks and Wildlife Department about bad smoke and health risks who were actually the fuckers, along with private property owners, behind the burning. If someone comes along and give you a tight slap and warn that you may feel a stinging pain on your face but that's normal because you just got slapped, you'll feel exactly the same way as I do. Thanks for the warning guys. Fuck you!

You can justify your actions for all you care. It's going to be just like the guy in the swimming pool who smiles at you after you felt something warm in the water. No reason provided will be good enough. If that isn't bad enough, they came up with nice sounding term like Prescribed Burn. These days, people can't even call a spade, spade. Just like that week when our Founding Father died, He passed away, He moved on, He left us with greatness, He ascended to a finer realm, He didn't actually die. And these fucking assholes didn't actually burn their bloody bushes because they couldn't be bothered to chop them up. It's Prescribed Burning, which sounds like something good for us from the doctor. And these fucking hypocrites are the first to condemn Indonesia for burning up their forests. Cheebye, I hope you get your houses burnt down.


  1. Take a chill pill asingaporeanson. Prescribed Burning / Controlled Burning is very important to a bush fire prone country like Australia. Besides reducing the fuel available for a bush fire, many native Australian flora require fire for their seed pods to open. Controlled burning is a very old practice in Australia as even the aborigines lit many fires during the year deliberately. For further information, check out the following links:

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