Never Dieded

Actually I didn't die.

Initially I planned to update the blog once a day while I was in Singapore, since my place was connected to the internet recently. It went well for two days (and I had a third post in draft, typed halfway but I am probably not publishing due to my extreme negative views of Singapore in that post.) Well you see, I got sick within 2 days. The previous time I was unwell prior to this one, I happened to be paying a visit to Singapore as well. The same goes for the previous previous. Someone told me I was allergic to Singapore. For some reasons, medication, vitamins and potions do not work as usual every time I revisited. I don't know about that. Let's be fair, correlation does not imply causation. However these uncanny coincidences are leaving behind some bad memories of "paradise." I can't help it. My brain run on weak human feelings, not logical graphs.

Thus, after I re-read about my third post written when I was sick, I classified it is one of those, "If you have nothing good to say, don't say anything" thing and decided not to post it up, lest it offends the frangible. Plenty of these samples in Singapore who prefer to make police reports these days because they couldn't (or be bothered) to make a plausible counter argument. It is a mystery why nobody attributed this sort of mentality to someone's legacy. 50 years of nation building, you know. 

Anyway, I have been inactive in the blog since. If anyone wonders why I disappear from blogging for long periods a few times a year, there hadn't been a reason or a decision behind it. Just pure laziness. I returned to Perth on the following Saturday alone. My wife and child had to stay in Singapore for another week to sort out other stuff, which I rather not specify lest some smart guy tries to second guess the reason behind our decisions. My entire week of illness also vanished mysteriously a few hours after I landed. So, I actually have a whole week to myself in Perth and enough time to flood this space 3 times a day if I wanted to. Fortunately for the haters, I gave them a break.

The week by myself in Perth was an interesting one. As far as I remember, that would be the first time I have ever lived alone in my life. The house was quiet. There wasn't Albany's laughter, cries or Jen's shouts to return to. Yet, I didn't feel the need to talk, or meet up with anyone to fill the void. I returned home straight after work every day, made myself a simple meal, took the bath, shut the curtains and snuggled into bed by 4.30pm. However, I did not go to sleep until 10pm, playing Crusader Quest on Android while waiting for a possible call from Jen to chat a bit with Albany, who recently learnt to do conversations over the phone. 

The late Autumn weather was perfect. 20 degrees Celsius by day, and 10 by night. I slept like a log every night, unlike waking up at least twice during the nights of the previous week. The week to myself passed unexpectedly quick, in spite of missing my family. All three of them.


  1. welcome back :) sound like u got loads of GW2 time on hand.

    1. I mastered a new Mesmer build, at long last.

  2. > in spite of missing my family. All THREE of them.

    Did I miss something? Is congradulations in order? b-(

  3. Winking doll,

    My sentiments exactly.