No one survives life. Everybody dies from it. People have lived and died through all kinds of Dark Ages. The Great Depression, the World Wars and countless of financial crisis, economic meltdowns. We are a very lucky generation. No one in our blessed age would understand the kind of life that people from the past had gone through. Life during the Dark Ages was very tough but still, some ordinary people flourished, some perished. Even with economic uncertainties looming globally, especially so in Australia, life doesn't get a shutdown. It goes on.

And because life is short, everyone wants to make the best out of it and live their lives to the maximum in the most comfortable way possible. Instability unsettles most people. To be comfortable is to be stable, that's the nature of human beings. That explains part of your fear and mine and why we cried. That may not be a bad thing if we consider it from another perspective of living life. Living a life straight out from a prediction book, with every detail neatly laid out, is that the meaning of life? Money, stability, enjoyment, luxuries. Are these all we seek in life?

Should it be done as a purpose of discovery instead of sorely accumulation? There isn't a best answer. But it appears a better way because discovery need not to be exclusive from accumulation and could be done at the same time. I wrote this to remind myself I have gone far too comfortable again, at the same time, to share my opinion about what you are doing with you. I need to get to the stage you are at again. Quickly. There must be a way out. Believe me, it isn't a bad thing for us. Hope these are useful to you in some ways.

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