Show Singaporeans Your Balls, Vivian Balakrishnan

Hey Vivian. I am talking to you as a countryman to another. Not a citizen supposedly under your care, or rather the lack of. I don't like to remind myself of your, "How much do you want? Do you want three meals in a hawker centre, food court or restaurant? retort towards the other Member of Parliament.

I was recommended to watch your recent performance in Parliament and I did. I expected to see a smooth swashbuckling display by Vivian Balakrishnan the slick debater, the David Beckham of Singaporean Politics. You wore a nice suit, unfortunately the slickness ended there. You knew what you did. As a Singaporean, I am sick of your gutter politics. Only an impotent dishonorable man hit below the belt. That is what you are, Vivian. As one of the dirtiest player in the Singapore political scene who specialise in character assasination, it was nauseating to see your hypocrisy in Parliament urging for "clean politics".

Instead of clean politics, I saw a boy scout leader giving a lecture to his freshmen scouts. The Parliament was not your personal camp Vivian. All of us will make mistakes, you said. But when a mistake is made, just come clean and say so... don't cover up, you said. Every dubious act of the PAP such as AIM had been declared legitimate. There was no known mistake committed by the PAP to date. Tell me, has the PAP been covering up every of their mistakes or do you have a different definition of "all of us"?

Do you believe in what you claimed Vivian? The state media pasted it all over Singapore. Someone lied, because you said so. You bit and held on like a raving bull-terrier. That was admirable. If it was all about integrity and you were dead sure that someone was lying, walk the talk and prove to all Singaporeans that you meant business by talking up the war banner and lead your team to contest Aljunied GRC to kick dishonest politicians out of Parliament. 

You wouldn't. You wouldn't because you don't have the balls to. Or perhaps you were the lying one, only you will know. You didn't choose your name so that wasn't your fault. But you can choose not to be that girly coward that take snide snipes behind your party's veil of immunity. Singaporeans expect more from a tough talker than delivering letters to Indonesia as the world most expensive postman.

Walk the talk, Vivian Balakrishnan. Show us your balls.


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  2. He should have continued being a doctor. By all accounts he was a good one.

    But apparently wearing white changes you. You have to go on the attack so that people won't notice your visible panty lines...