Music of Death

Fuck you NDP committee, for coming out with this shit. [click here to get cancer]. I felt like stabbing my my ears with welding rods when I took in this crap. Guinness should grant me an endurance award for making through this new song of death. This supposed to be an NDP song, not a fucking hymn. I can't believe they even brought in teletubbies to do a rap, or whatever you call that crap shit. 

Did Lim Swee Say write this song? It sounded strangely like his golden classics such as O Cheaper, Better, Faster [click here to get AIDS] and Upturn the Downturn [click here to get leprosy]. The people behind this who called themselves music directors or creative directors can jolly well go jump down Little Guilin at Bukit Gombak. The annual PAP parade is bad enough. At least there were nice songs as saving grace in the past. Now you have totally destroyed any goodness left for National Day.

You guys cannot produce decent stuff like Stand Up For Singapore, One People One Nation One Singapore, Count on me Singapore, anymore?

If I want to listen to cheesy nonsense, I'll tune in to Barney and Friends. Perhaps you have mistaken this as a theme song to promote Singapore tourism in other countries. Not National Day, idiots, with this type of bile that will spark the global zombie apocalypse. Kit Chan must be crying blood after she heard this. And we thought the Dance of Eradication [click here to get blindness] by JJ Lin was bad. We thought fun pack pack song [click here to get schizophrenia] was hideous.

This one takes the icing.

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  1. Hi there! How's life in Down Under?

    Btw, many here share your sentiment!