Meeting the Aquarius

How would most Singaporeans react when they hear about a solicitor with 10 years of practice in a prominent law firm in Singapore moving to Perth to pursue a second career in massage? The number of scoffs amassed could be enough to repel the Persian army in the Battle of Thermopylae. Unfortunately for most, they would live to see the point. That was perhaps their biggest blessing of their lives. So it turned out well for all.

I played host to this ex-lawyer friend living in Como at the moment. She reminded me that we were the same star sign born on the same year but I had to call her "Jie jie" because she was exactly one week ago. If she was into horoscopes and tried explaining to me her decision to go into semi-retirement in Perth in her mid 30s was probably best explained as the "Aquarius thing", it connected with me instantly. I told her she didn't have to explain anymore. I fully understood. It also cleared the mist surrounding my mystified mind why she didn't want to pursue her law practice in Perth. Deep inside, I congratulated her. Perhaps she could feel it my envy.

It wasn't a surprise to hear her talk about moving to much further south to places like Margaret River to ply her trade after she graduated from massage school. I didn't tell her I planned to move out of the metropolitan region 4 years from now too. I didn't want to appear excited having to find another who shared my visions. Poor Jen may finally be relieved that she didn't marry a weirdo. My guest proved that I wasn't as crazy as I seemed. I would see it as her being as sane as me rather than me being as insane as her. I was really pleased.

We didn't communicate regularly prior to our meeting and we would not be doing so thereafter as well. It was just how the Aquarius mind worked. Our conversation revealed yet another very gutsy, very resourceful Singaporean who could think way outside the box that I could learn a lot from. Meeting these people, not my coming to Perth, were the keys to unlocking my minds to unlimited possibilities. All of them were much stronger people than myself and I could never do worse learning from them.

They said the Aquarius has a typically cold demoneor. Not this one as she invited me to help her do a parrellel park within the first minute we met. Perhaps she wanted to get a feel of how well her $4,100 Y2k Honda Civic drove, being tired of me suaning her of the 'bad buy'. Admittedly, the car was in good condition but I told her I wouldn't spend $4,100 on it. Not because it wasn't worth it. I just wouldn't spend that money on a transportation tool. That was a decent buy sister.

During the conversation, she filled me in with clear precise details how a typical Permanent Resident EOI process works. She wasn't a lawyer for 10 years by bumming around, I could see that. She could even be a licensed migration agent here if she wanted to do so but no, she had enough of living the old life. Her sharing was probably enough for me to write a proper guide on it in the near future. 

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  1. She knows what she wants, and went for it.

    No ifs, buts, hows, whens.

    Knowing what you want is the key.