The Complexity of Simplicity

Do you have time for simplicity?

I took a snap shot of the ocean along the beach of Woodman Point walking along with little Albany in my arms. She refused to play on the beach, simply clung on and buried her face in between my legs each time I attempted to put her down on the fine cool sand. Tell me, who resist the urge to hug his 19 month away in such a situation? I never bother to listen to anyone telling me to hug my daughter less so that she would not be 'spoilt'. If I do not hug my daughter whilst possible, then when? During her graduation day, wedding or the last moments on my deathbed? In no time, Albany would grow up to be a girl, then quickly a teenager. By then, she might not even want to go anywhere near me, much less giving her old man a hug. Running on the beach could wait for the next time. Anything could be put aside for moments like these. For now, I would carry her whenever I want while my aging bones wouldn't buckle yet, for as long as she needed me to. Nobody tells me what to do.

Strictly speaking, I don't even spend more than 2 hours with Albany every week day. I had the privilege of a very forgiving wife, who allowed me to have a lot of personal time to research on my future projects, writing these things and catch up with my buddies playing our MMORPG. She has been a very good wife and is blossoming into a fine mother. I'm a very lucky man. If anyone tells me I achieved nothing in my life, I may agree.

These days it seemed, simplicity seemed to completely vanished from all aspects of life. It was no longer to easy eat simple with very few processed ingredients. Food operators were fully focused on taste, sales and profits. Your health was the last thing on their minds. Gone were the days where a simple walk in nature could fulfill the weary, unhurried soul and we had seen how fast new terms such as retail therapy was created. It was funny how they termed a sickness with a name that sounded like a cure. These days it seemed, simplicity became a very rare commodity that was worth nothing due to the lack of demand for it. 

Jen later sent me a candid pic she took and I like it very much though it is only a simple picture of both of us at the Woodman Point beach. With this, I would remember how little Albany held tightly to her dad and seemingly told him, "Daddy, walk with me."

"Walking on"

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