Why I Wouldn't Attend NTRUST's Migration Seminar

I was sent this link by the beautiful SG Girl Next Door yesterday morning. I wondered if she was thinking about migrating to Australia too. Perhaps she should find someone else to work with if so. I wouldn't go with this company at all.

They say a picture says a thousand words. I didn't get a thousand but you don't need a thousand for your brain to say, "Stay away!" and avoid like plague.

Free Seminar My Ass

They printed in CAPS and bold. As far as I know, free means you do not have to pay anything. But no, you've got to pay $25 bucks for forever aloners and couples get their heads chopped with $40. I thought, "Ok, to be fair, running a seminar has its overheads alright," only to find out that the seminar is going to be held at their own office premises. No booking fees for auditorium. No food served, not stated anyway and even so, you wouldn't want to eat a $25 buffet that serves you for 15 minutes in someone else's office. If anyone screaming, "FREE" in your face and comes out with a, "but wait." You know what you should do. Not that I can't afford to pay. I rather deal with people who is upfront with their intents and upright with their morals rather than crooks doing cheap-flicks.

Lack of Sincerity

I know it is a bit too much to pick on something trivial like that. To most this may be nitpicking but a marketing campaign is not a rash, "Let's do this!" hard-on. A regular marketing scheme would had gone through careful discussion and strategic planning. It speaks volumes to me when a migration company was not even bothered to put in pictures of real Singaporeans, the carrot heads that they want to chop, in their promotional pictures.

There are 13 happy looking human beings cladded in their work attire smiling at you in the poster. Human number 1 is probably you, but not 2 to 14. No offence if you are a Eurasian or Caucasian Singaporean. That may be a perfect motivational poster to you but no... Only if you are

1) A sexy secretary (That gets you anywhere in the world, if you know what I mean. You don't need nTrust)
2) A construction tradie (Find me a Singaporean tradesman who is good in carpentry or welding whatever)
3) A banker (with loads of money, Singapore is heaven. Leave for fuck?)
4) The female tradie (Better chance finding a unicorn in Singapore)
5, 6, 7) Medical professionals

The immigration department of Australia categories Skill Select this way: 1) Doctors and Nurses 2) Others. They even put a special category just for professionals of this field. Lucky, lucky you doctors. Earn big bucks in Singapore and every country open up their doors, bow and welcome you in with a red carpet. Do you really need to attend a $25 talk to drink 3-in-1 coffee to get your migration papers done? Yes? Perhaps you shouldn't be a doctor. Study too much, brain fried.

8) Another financial worker.

9) If you are a pastry chef in BreadTalk, perhaps. How many of you work as a pastry chef?

10) Photobomber - That's probably you, if you attend the seminar only to realise they are only interested in taking up the easy cases and rejecting you outright if your case isn't a straightforward potential carrot header.

11) Chances that you are not a dishwasher earning $3,000 a month. Chances are you do not wear an apron or work in a Tze Char Stall as a Tao Chiu either. Why do you wanna hold a clipboard either? Working as a waitress. Wait - can ah?

12) A retiree. Your case is simple. No money no talk. [link]

13) What's with the love with Bank Tellers sitting behind the counter? Or are they security ninjas in disguise to throw you out once you finish your coffee?

Procedures   .   Q&A Sessions   .   Free assessment

In the nutshell,

1) Procedure: Attention! Carrot heads Ladies & Gentleman, this is what you will do. Sign up, pass me first installment. Do all the paperwork I tell you do to. (haha, you think I will do it for you?) I will submit your application after you pay me the balance. Application submitted, thank you. No refunds if reject.

2) Q&A sessions:  Can. Can! Can. Caaaan. Can can can. Can lah. Ok one lah brother.

3) Free assessment: You left a happy man after your $25 buffet.


  1. It's not from me lah. It's from dear Gintai. ..

  2. Hi bro,

    Glad u posted this page on nTrust. Unless someone asks me, else I won't mention a word how bad is nTrust.

    Stay away from nTrust. I ever accompanied a friend to nTrust in 2009. The office is in an old factory estate close to Havelock Road. Back then, there were only 2 persons - one Malay secretary cum receptionist and the Singaporean Chinese man, who is the boss. He is Philip Sim, a lawyer who holds Australian PR and he really works like one because he charges you in a on pay-as-you-talk basis. Every 15 min charges $50!

    He is unhelpful. He is a businessman. My friend was charged $150 and my friend challenged him because it was advertised free consultation. Guess what said, "We have fine print that clarifies clearly only if you apply, consultation fee is waived." In othet words, if you don't apply, you must pay.

    Unlike my friend, I got myself a good agent named Aaron Gan, who partnered with his solicitor friend at Raffles Place. However he stopped and migrated to Melbourne in 2011 as an accountant after he helped me get my VISA 175. I was his last client. He is very good and very helpful. He explained the details, procedure and shared his solutions to migration problems and even gave proven templates to get things very smoothly.

    My advice is to stay away from nTrust. It is out to make money from consultation fees, if you don't apply. Maybe their commercial trick has changed.

  3. Stay away fr Ntrust!! Cannot be trusted at all! Tried to fleece me! Charge v high look so dodgy!
    I went to the Si Ang Mo .. Lol! M

  4. I ever attended their Seminar in 2011.

    There will be video presentation and talk about the basic requirements of applying for PR.

    There are no concrete details on the application process unless one has to sign up.

    As I was just looking around and still deciding about Australia that year, I didn't go with them and rush to them.

  5. nTrust?

    Isn't there another organisation called nTrust?

    Is it trying to capital on this name?

  6. Pertaining to Point 2, my dad happens to be an awesome tradesman in carpet installation. Alas.. dying business and being over-taken by PRCs who quote much cheaper labour.


  7. if you need info on australia migration and visa, please post here and i will try to answer them. I have studied Australia migration law with Griffith university and in the process of registering.

    Although i'm doing it for more money, i am gainfully employed as an senior IT engineer so i my motivation isn't just about $$$.

    i did held some kopitiam talk session when i was back in SG last week, but apparently, only 2 people turned up. sianz..

    1. have you migrated? kopitiam talk still alive?

  8. if anyone sees a need to go Ntrust

    please come to my thread :


    Phillip Sim at NTRUST gave me incorrect advice regarding the expedition of a visa due to extenuating circumstances, he gave me the incorrect visa form sub class number, and incorrect advice on who requires notification of my visa changes!
    Not only did I waste 2hrs of my time and $150 dollars going to see him but now my application submission has to be postponed while I try to renew my passport from outside Singapore!
    To add insult to injury NTRUST will not acknowledge his incompetence or refund me for the services I paid for and did not receive!

  10. I Agree... I went for the seminar (cost $40) which basically gave info on why you should choose ntrust, that the fee was "reasonable" and why we should understand why we want to migrate to Australia and a little background on Australia. There wasn't any concrete info given on the migration process as we are supposedly to go for the consultation to know more... it basically felt more like a sales pitch.

    Nevertheless I still went for the consultation (which I had to pay $200) as it had good reviews online, which I hope can give more concrete info. But it's also the same in such that the consultation helped identify your nominated job and what visa or where you will be able to apply to.

    However it felt like a waste of my time because I already did some research beforehand. Plus all these info was given by another migration agency freely FOC. So it definitely was not worth my money as I felt that I paid for info that I already knew.

    What really blew me away was the exorbitant high agency fee. It bothered me as I had another migration agency which quoted 1/3 of the cost. 5k Vs 14k, which will you choose?

    Lastly I am quite cautious, so I went even further to search the migration agent at the Migration Institute of Australia website.... but I couldn't find his name. Mind you that I did the search by his family name; so unless you tell me his family name has changed, it should show up. The migration agent code displayed on the website are all valid but are not of the migration agent that I met.... on the other hand, a simple search of the other migration agent that I got all the FREE info from all came up when I did the search.

    So morale of the story, do Google and shop around first before you commit...

    1. totally agree. I regret not seeing all these posts earlier. went for the consultation which was $250 and only went there cause their website and page looks trustable and reputable. however the charging system was very dodgy and suspicious. and the consultation was not even 1 hr as stated, plus it is all info that I already know from internet. everything else regarding documents they will say check with the account manager. felt very cheated as I've had to pay the withdrawal of application fee when i pulled out within 4 hours. but oh well, painful lesson learnt. never give out card details to suspicious companies.. and better than $900 than $8000 lost.

      stay away from Ntrust!!!!!!!!!