Ice on Windscreen

The unusual sound from the wiper made me look up while I was putting on the seat belt. It sounded like the wiper was rubbed against a sheet of coarse sandpaper. The windscreen was still completed blurred, unfit for driving. I winded down the side windows and reached out to touch the external windscreen.


Sua ku asingaporeanson had to deal with it. I had became better in driving since I came to Perth but driving almost blindfolded was still not my level yet. My mind was functioning in the cold winter morning at 4.30 am. I knew pouring boiling water over it would solve the problem. The spirit was willing but the flesh was weak. I remained steadfast in the driver's seat and chose to annoy my neighbours with a running engine. It took a few minutes but the defogger did the job. It didn't look like a thick layer of ice. So Perth's temperature last night probably dropped to 0 only not too long ago, around 2am perhaps.

While waiting for the defogging to do its magic, I checked the weather. The below screenshot was taken after I reached my destination.

It would be a lovely cold week. The Duchess of the Brook would have screamed and hated it if she was not basking in her factory in the great Singapore heat. I love it. The weather here the moment, I mean. I wish that Perth has 2 Winters, 1 Autumn and 1 Spring. Summer can migrate to Singapore to join his brother for all I care.

I noted whenever my parents returned to Singapore, the weather would change. The last time they went back, Autumn was extended and it started to turn cold only into the mid of June. This time, after a few comfortable cool weeks, it dropped to 1 degrees Celsius the following morning. Such an interesting coincidence.

We are alone again in the cold Winter. For better and worse in different senses. It looked like part of my plans was not going to be feasible. I have to think harder.


  1. You can do this:

    Mix three parts vinegar and one part water in a spray bottle and spray the vinegar and water solution on your clean windscreen after the vehicle is parked for the evening. Do not wipe off. Allow the sprayed solution to remain on the windscreen.

    Or this:

    Wipe a sponge soaked in salt water on your windscreen before retiring for the evening.

  2. Gd day fellow singaporean,

    Just my 2 cents worth

    1)Never pour boiling water. Only lukewarm water as weakness on the windscreen form a crack.

    2)Never use salt water a preventative measure especially old cars as any exposed metal from stone chips on the bodywork will cause existing rusting spots to start expending from there.

    Yours truly,
    Another singaporean in SA/VIC/TAS