The Route to 2016: Half Time

We are in the stage where a growing number of Singaporeans minds are slowly accepting that an infailable PAP is a possible myth. Every National Day, millions of dollars are spent to bring back the feel good factor that last for approximately the full month of August. All doubts will be erased and we will be together as one again, to charge ahead and forge a better future together.

Then there will people who don't buy that. They see the NDP in a very different light to the way they were brought up to see. Every of these tormented minds can only scoff when they watch the parade without a veil over their eyes where tens of thousands of their own people celebrated their country's independence with self serving enemies of the state. In every General Election, they call for voting for the oppositions. They think that voting for the opposition is radical when in fact the system that the incumbent had created to maintain itself in perpetual power whether they win or lose a General Election. Before the new government could do any real change for Singapore, they would have messed up so badly that the PAP would be back in power before long. In the end, virtually nothing will have changed. What then?

This is a perfect system that most people are clueless about. People think that changing the government is important when, in fact, it's changing the constitution, political power and societal structure of the nation is the key to making a real difference. But the incumbent will never allow their system to be tampered with, whether or not they are in power in name. "Please do not assume that you can change governments. Young people don't understand this." The man who said this was right. They have fooled the vast majority of Singaporeans into thinking that they have a good system of government.

The original point of building a democratic society, based on justice and equality was to provide a platform for the fair and just development of every Singaporean citizen, so that we'll achieve happiness, prosperity and progress for our nation. But the constitution is now simply a legal means for upholding justice, power and wealth of the elites. The word nation in our pledge has become corrupted and no longer include the common citizen.

Up till now, even with all these internet hoo-ha, most Singaporeans still do not know the difference between the government and the nation. Civil servants continue to be confused over their real duties and where their loyalties should be placed. Some Singaporeans declare they are not hanging their flags up as a protest and a show of their dissatisfaction with the government. Even dissidents cannot differentiate between loving their homeland, the government and the meaning of patriotism. It is meant to be this way, because we have been taught the "right things", as being part of the impermeable system that was already established long ago. The existence of alternative voices, opposition parties and democratic sideshows are simply part of the main script.

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