The Shackles

Hi Nix

Nice to "meet" you and thank you for setting up such blog about migration to Australia. A lot of people like me, a lost soul at the moment, really need to refer to experienced migrants like you. Your informative blog is definitely a good reference. Thanks very much for sharing. And I am really glad that I came across your blog while searching for stories of Malaysian or Singaporean residing in Australia.

Let me introduce myself, I am a 40 yr old Malaysian Chinese in the IT line. My family and I was granted the Subclass 175 visa in September 2012. I guess we should be one of those last batches who have been blessed with this visa.

Coincidentally we were expecting our 2nd child at the same time. That made our situation more complicated where we had to decide whether to move to down under to deliver our baby or stay put in KL to deliver the baby and apply for the child migration. 

We made our first entry to Perth in November 2012 and stayed with my aunt for a week to check out for more details such as getting getting information from medicare, DIAC, etc. 

After months of seeking advice from many people young and old, we decided to have the baby born in KL and apply for a child migration later given that we will definitely be under a lot of stress especially for my wife where everything is DIY in Australia. We need time to adapt with such lifestyle hence having a newborn there will further complicate the situation.

Now that our 2nd precious is born, it is time for me to plan the move. But the job market seems to be not promising at the moment. I have been applying for jobs online since last year but so far only ONE pathetic phone interview and ended up unfruitful. I have also used my aunt's address in the CV it does not help in getting the response from the employer or recruitment agent. Out of desperation I have also tried applying jobs in Melbourne and even Adelaide but no good signs so far.

Friends in Australia has also mentioned that job market is rather at the down side given the uncertain economy situation. Hence it is going to be very tough.

I was told that it will be better if I am physically to seek for jobs. But I can not afford to go over without a job secured. I am really caught and really worried as I hope to move over there so that my 5 years old eldest boy can start his primary school there. 

I really salute you our wife for being so brave by moving there without securing a job and you were expecting too!

Really need advice and guidance to brighten the path that I need to take for the sake of my boys' future.


Hi M******,

Congratulations on your newborn. Perhaps it is time to enjoy the joy of holding a chuckling baby every day to be worried about less meaningful things such as migration to Perth. Though my own daughter is born during the toughest period of my life, I do secretly miss those moments every now and then. I could still remember holding my baby with pain in my palms and knuckles every single afternoon, coping with the sickening feeling of turning up for work in the searing heat of Perth Summer at 3.30 pm for my night shift job. Without the motivation of my newborn, I wouldn't have pull through. Enjoy yourself, for these moments wouldn't come to pass once you missed them.

I'll summarise your dilemma.  

You need to move to Australia in a stipulated time frame.
You need a job before you can move. 
You were told you have to be here to maximise your chances of finding a job. 
You cannot afford to come but time is running out.

In my opinion, your stress was built up from an imaginary situation that you conjured out of your mind in fear. First, you set yourself a very tight deadline because you felt it was an absolute must to start your eldest son's primary school education by... 6 years old? That is the illusionary wall behind your back. With your back against the ethereal wall, enemies in phantasm form advance towards you. You have nowhere to run.

The solution is obvious if I may say. Break the chain to free yourself from the shackles. Every chain is only as strong as its weakest link. If you pick that link and shatter it, you will be free. Take a look at the chain that binds you again. Think over it.

You need to move to Australia in a stipulated time frame. 
You need a job before you can move.  
You were told you have to be here to maximise your chances of finding a job. 
You cannot afford to come but time is running out.

If you couldn't get an inspiration, read my latest post [link]. I hope I helped.


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    1. Nix and J*Y*

      Thanks for the feedback and advice. I totally agree with Nix that my worries and concern over the move has been behind my mind that has given me the stress and pressure. After all being a family man I have to ensure I provide enough for the family.

      Definitely agree with J*Y* about expecting not to get a job that match my current profile. In fact I am all prepared to accept jobs that are a lot lower than my current profile. As I have also been advised to take up temp or part time jobs such as night fillers at super markets while hunting a for a proper job.

      I am really concerned with the common "excuse" that the lack of local experience slapping our face each time we look for a job. Wonder how could one get such experience when one is not given a chance.

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