Meat Packages - Sim Lim Square Style

You know how those Aunties shove that flyer into your hands at Sim Lim Square don't you? Those are pretty useful if you are really looking to assemble a desktop PC that afternoon. In some flyers, you get prices of parts of different brands. In others, you get assembly packages.

In Market City, Canningvale, you get Meat Packages. Hey, I bet you don't see it in Singapore. This gives a good insight how differently people live and shop in both countries. 

In Singapore, you can pretty much get the same kind of, in this case meat, within walking distance from where you live. It doesn't matter if you buy it in Tampines or Choa Chu Kang, the prices would not vary drastically.

It's an entirely different story over here. Prices of the same item could be significantly more expensive or cheaper than their competitor elsewhere. It's the same for everything. Cars, groceries, toiletries, meat, vegetables, fruits. Even that petrol kiosk on the next street has different rates than the one outside your house - on different days. Shopping is tricky here. It's not a place for people who prefers convenience but it's fun for people like me who enjoys the feeling of seeking out places like that.

Another difference would be we don't buy bulk in Singapore though we have a wholesale centre at Pasir Panjang. It's either out of the way, inconvenient for non-car owners or the lack of storage space. Having said that, even if we don't buy bulk in the wholesale centre, buying smaller quantities would still see prices lower than the retail supermarkets, both in Singapore or Australia.

Another Suaku-feeling day for me, look at that!

You could have mistaken this for that Sim Lim Square flyer

Not sure why but I missed Singapore food a bit today. It must have been because I loaded items I never before since I came such as taufu, taupok, noodles, horfun, dark soy sauce etc. Once I got back from from shopping, the first thing that came to my mind was stir-frying some noodles up to share with Jen.

Pity I forgot to buy fish cake and lup cheong. I saw them during the shopping but well. In the end I used lean pork for substitution. I wouldn't use prawns as it probably wasn't too good for Jen. Without all these as well as lard, it didn't turn out as good as your favourite char kway teow stall.

But it's 80% there ;)



  1. Hmm, you have been to more places than me! I have not been to Canningvale market cos it's bulk buying. Need to check it out one day.
    Hope all else is good apart from the weather.


  2. @Den : Hi Den, I replied your email already.

    I'm good, just that the hands are not really that well due to work. I hope I'll be ok. I checked out where you stayed on the map. It's expensive!

  3. I heard my auntie say there is a place for bulk buying place for fish market.. I havent have the chance to visit there before... May be when I reach I should go and explore there... seafood in Australia is fantastic... hahaha

  4. @HappyGal: We don't take that much seafood cos of Jen's pregnancy. Yes there is alot of seafood here. haha.

  5. That is something new to me, wonder if it is the same in Melbourne.

  6. If you have not already been there,a good charkwayteow place is Ya Kwang in Spencer Village. He is a Singaporean and I find his charkwayteow about the closest to Singapore you can find in Perth. He also has laksa, mee goreng etc.
    In the same food court is another Singaporean stall called Suzie. There you can get roti prata, murtabak, Indian rojak, roti john etc.

    Other places you can get Singapore food is Collins Road at Willeton. There are Singapore Hawker, Taurus and Asian Cuisine. These are the 3 shops I frequent that I find pretty close to Singapore.

    For Fish Head Curry, I find Happy Union at Lesouef Drive in Willagee pretty good. There is also a Fish Head Bee Hoon at Parry Ave in Bateman that is great.

    For Ipoh Hor Fun(just like the one in River Valley Road)- go to Noodle House at Babican St East at Riverton.

    Chicken Rice - Ten Ten Restaurant(Victoria Park and Waterford). There is another one in Bull Creek along Parry Ave. called Malaysian Hawker.

    Hope this is informative,If anyone need more detail please feel free to email me at

    Hope you dont mind me posting this on your blog.

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