A Doomed Job Application

To: hrwa@msy.com.au
Subject: Job application for casual position
Date 11/11/12

Dear Sir/Mdm,

I understand that there is no vacancy at the W.A branches of MSY at the moment but I am writing in to register my interest in working with you.

I was sourcing for a desktop computer. A friend of mine recommended MSY without hesitation. I was told that MSY was a name I could trust, with best price any day. He was not wrong. From your website, I was impressed with what MSY could offer, reasonable prices and a promise of the product tested for reliability, made available within 72 hours. Without hesitation, I made an order on the 27 Oct 2012 by email.

I did not receive a confirmation of my order after 2 days so I dropped a gentle reminder on 30 Oct. A timely response soon followed and my order was confirmed, which was wonderful. I was told though, it was not possible for my order to be completed within 72 hours due to overwhelming orders. A healthy stream of orders revealed MSY as a popular, trusted company. That convinced me my order was in good hands and I put a deposit for my order without reservations. As a compromise, I agreed to a deadline of 168 hours and was assured that I would be informed as soon as the desktop was ready.

There was no update after 240 hours so I made a call on the 9 Nov 2012 to check if there was anything I could help. I was told that everything was fine except for a missing Windows key that would be arriving at 1700 hrs that evening. On 10 Nov, I collected my desktop computer with delight and paid in full.

I was unable to connect to the internet at home on my new desktop set. Not too soon after, I realised that the wireless card was not installed in the CPU. Fortunately it was found in one of the boxes. I knew MSY would not let me down. However it was not possible to slot the wireless card in for a quick fix because part of the casing was in the way. The only way was to dismount the entire motherboard, slid it an inch away before there was enough clearance to slip the wireless card in its slot. Belong long, I reassembled the CPU and ran the system.

Strangely enough after booting up, I realised that the video card driver was not installed. I reckoned it was a good opportunity to allow me to see the stark difference in graphics quality between the built-in VGA card and the high performing HD card you included in your package. After installing the driver, I was able to appreciate the above said perfectly and I thank you for the experience.

My practical experience, and eagerness to perform in the IT hardware business will make me an excellent package assistant.. I would love to work with you and am confident that I would be a beneficial addition to your team. Should there be a vacancy in the Cannington branch, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Nix Chin


  1. I got a fren, ex-colleague like you found a job with Challenger. Pay is much lower but he got the company van for use. He is now quite happy with it. It's quite a relaxing job. Most of the time he's free unless there is a fair or lots of ignorant customers. Sometimes, he got tips and free Makan!

    1. I just focus-read your comment, and I envy your fren.
      How I wish I could drive easily.

      Yeah, and I come from that group of people who might think that glam(orous) jobs involve some kind of office executive work (director, manager, etc.).
      Obviously it seems, not for me. :-)

  2. Delicious irony.

    Or better still, eventually start up your own service company and outcompete against the lackadaisical performance.

  3. I'm sure they won't find another applicant who knows their systems that inside out!

  4. You have great initiative. They need someone like you.