Moving On

Being an accidental blogger brought me an unexpected avenue to let out decades of pent-up steam. Friends told me to 'think positively' or 'change the way I think'. Some asked me to spend time crafting money making ideas instead. Time better spent, they reckoned. In reality, no one wanted to listen to a whiner, I understand that. I could empathise their plight, having to find means to shoo their friend off as nicely as they could. It was hard on them. No one was interested to understand how I really felt. It felt like I was the only one in the room who could see the ghastly lich who was draining the lifeforce out of everyone around me. The people were smiling as they bleed and ostracise whoever who flashed the mirror of truth. It was a terrible feeling.

After spending a year speaking up about my frustrations against the Singapore government and their warp policies, I felt much better. I had said what I wanted, nothing much else to be said. There is a healthy growing community of bloggers who will continue to hold the baton, at least, until the government impose sanctions on internet freedom. I don't think I am as good as any of them. I'm just a layman, a common folk. Not a businessman, doctor or rich farmer who have seen the world or played the field at a much higher level. There isn't a need for me to contribute anymore.

I will continue sharing about the life here. A year on, I'm still knocking into walls. I learn something new almost everyday. It'll be a pity if I don't share the noob experiences. If I do not record them in a timely manner, I will not be able to share my feelings accurately by the time I decided to backdate and do a report on it. Hopefully the records will be helpful to Singaporeans and reduce the gradient of their learning curve. In my early blogging days, commenters here urged me not to think or write about Singapore issues anymore. So that I could liberate myself from the shackles of pain and seek the life I wanted to live. I forgot who was it, someone even told me the count up counter to record my days in Perth was as symbol of my unwillingness to let go of the past. Thanks for all the advice by the commenters in the early days, such as Alvin, Peck, GA, Alan Heah, Vincent Chiong, WD, SME owner, etc etc etc. Though I don't reply to comments very often, I took all these into heart. I am not as stubborn as you think. I have the intention to carry out the good advice eventually when the timing is right. For now, it feels right to do this one. Hopefully in the near future, I'll be even able to respond to an urge by a visitor, SME owner, to start a small self employment venture here as the next adventure.

For the little trolls lurking around, I didn't seek to be agreed or understood. You are entitled to your own views. You can call me names for all you want. You have the full rights to do so because I did a better job to make you look like idiots - with justifications. If you want to be level up in trolling, you've got to do better than throwing in incoherent bile. Balls to you.

So that's all for the Singapore government. Balls to them too. 


  1. Hi.
    I am a senior civil servant and a regular reader of your blog. Please keep up the good work and not get sidetracked by your critics.

    There are many civil servants who also want a change in the government, and are trying our best to mitigate the damage done thus far.

    Like you, we want the best of Singapore and do not subscribe to the follies of the PAP Internet Brigade. Leave them to their silly antics and have faith that the people of Singapore know better.

    The tide is turning. Hopefully, it is not too late to save the country that we all love.

    I wish you and your family all the best.
    Keep writing. Thanks.

    1. I had a short stint in the government sector. I didn't last a year in it. It was because of that I opened up my eyes how bad the situation was internally.

      To me, we had already lost the land we love. It was just that reality hasn't begun to eclipse most.

  2. Do continue to write when you have something to say!

    All the best.

  3. Dear -asingaporeanson- ,

    I'm happy for you that you choose to continue to grow and evolve in life in your own way.
    The title for this post, 'Moving on', is really well chosen by you.

    I have also had to move on in these months, in far more many ways than I expected and imagined.
    One example category has been to stop arguing with others, when they have proven time and again that they are not interested in a change of perspective.

    Change is usually hardly easy, but it keeps the blood circulating.

    1. Dear Alan,

      Moving on is liberating and it should be celebrated. Congrats to the both of us.

  4. Hi asingaporeanson,

    Thanks for sharing your journey thus far. Please continue to share your experiences, be they the noob type or the success stories. I enjoy reading and learning about others' lives. I especially enjoy your candid and humorous reflections upon the daily events of your life.

    I believe that having a collection of "real" migrants stories online (e.g. singaporeserf who inspired the both of us) will eventually give a realistic portrayal of the trials and tribulations of being an immigrant.

    All the best and look forward to reading more of your stories.

    Cheers, WD.

    1. As Winking Doll and others here have gratefully pointed out, I also join them in expressing appreciation, for the authentic experiences of your everyman, everyday life.

      Certainly more satisfying,like wholesome multi-grain bread, compared to the polished spin we get here all the time, which is so much instead like white slices of empty-calorie pure flour.

    2. Dear Winkingdoll,

      I cannot be as real as you can get. That's why I'm your fan and that's where I get my compass to tell the story as it is. It also take less time to relate what happened than to fabricate juicy tales. I will continue to write. The topics will not be of much interest to most, but I don't write for them. If I have to write to an audience, let it be someone like you.

  5. Hi Asingaporeanson,

    It has been a great pleasure for me and my wife reading your blog. Look forward to your future writing about life in Perth. Cheers.

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