The Crawling Rabbit

18th November 2012 is a good day to remember. There was a cute chubby rabbit in my house who learnt how to crawl. She happened to turn 10 months old on this date. It was a sight to behold. We could see more of her personality by the way she made use of her newly acquired ability.

She was fond of crawling towards the leg of my computer table so that she could grab it with both hands and try to hoist herself up to standing position. At times, she'll look up to me with doleful eyes. I would stop whatever I was doing. Who could resist that? My Guild War 2 character would perish in battle as a result, well worth it if you ask me, than being mutilated by Etins by my own folly.

By last night, she appeared to be able to crawl rather quickly. Accidents tend to happened when a baby was given a free rein. She leaned back and bumped her head twice already. With that, I finally understand what my mum said about how much it hurts a parent mentally when his or her child suffers physical injury. The pain I felt was incredulously real.

18th November happened to be Albany's 10th month. Time really simply zipped past didn't it? Compared to the past, she learnt to show more emotions and desires. When she crawled towards me relentlessly from a short distance, whimpering along the way and finally stretch to reach out to me, my heart just melted. When I hold her, her hands gripped my arms and clung to me tightly. She couldn't say a word, but simply cooed in relief. I felt loved. Whether it was true or not, it didn't matter. I know this doesn't last forever, that's why I am writing. I write to remember. The more a child grows up, the more she unlearns how to express simple love towards her parents. I know. I am one of them.

Hopefully one day, Albany will understand how important and how much joy she is bringing to us.


  1. Nice moving account. I wonder if you comparing your child with that cute rabbit? Lol!

    1. Me thinks that "rabbit" is his daughter ;) Born under the Chinese "rabbit" zodiac.

      Sweet account of the many lessons we learn at the beginning of life. I am observing the unlearning of these lessons as a nurse of patients at other end of life.

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