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Hi there,

Pardon me ... wasn't good at leaving comments on the blog, so hope you find this email.

Serendipity brings me to this page today. What a pleasant surprise to find the legendary logo of Gone Fishing as I was searching for images of the quaint little cafe that my wife and I founded a decade ago.

I too miss the 'casual space for the unhurried soul' - where friendships were forged, dreams lived, and spirits lifted.  The writings on the glass wall at the entrance are lyrics from a song by Chris Rea, titled 'Gone Fishing.'

May you find joy in your new life down under, and the beautiful journey ahead as a parent.

Kenny, The Fisher
+65 9853 5200
Skype ID: kenny.toh

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Thank you for providing me that 'casual space for the unhurried soul' to iron out my thoughts that year. Your cafe is indeed legendary, at least to me. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

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