The Bed Man

Fortunately, M's new house was in the East. If I would to drive almost 50km in the opposite direction after work, I would probably be mutated by UV to be able to break a tree by the time I was arrived. Along the way, I thought of the best line to greet her when I reach. No M, don't worry there won't be burglars. They will be stranded on ROE highway with an empty tank before they can reach you. By the time I reached, all I could muster was a defeated groan, "Why you live so far......?"

The house was beautiful. Right outside, there was a fantastic view of my favourite Darling Scarp. People around me didn't seem to hold much regards to the Darling Scarp as me. Ah. M had decent taste of a good view worth paying for. Before long, I was finally told what was my mystery task - to assemble the bed.

I seemed to be doing a lot of bed business lately. Sometime ago, I got to ask Steph for help to transport Thus' mattress when he bunked with Chun Chun at Freo. Thus was visibly relieved when the bed arrived. Well, I would be too, I could do with something between me and the cold hard winter floor for the night. It felt meaningful for me. Not long ago during earlier Spring, I dismantled Grace's bed and transported it to her new place, where I reassembled it. That time, Thus offered his hand. Fortunately so, as Grace's bed was a heavy solid wood frame. M's bed was the lightweight type so I could do it alone. Luckily I brought along the right tools for the job or it would be another I-look-at-you, you-look-at-me sad story. I thought I didn't take too long turning the parts

From this
To this
M took me around the house to brief me a bit about the problems she faced. Getting rid of debris would be something she needed to do actively from then. A part of the garden required some heavy trimming because some genius decided to seal the access to the letterbox by growing the hedge all the way to the edge. I was genuinely frightened when warned of bugs and snakes hiding in the hedge when I did a close examination. Looks like I needed to get an armor, on top of borrowing a good hedge trimmer for the job. There was also some 5-6 solar lights to install all around the exterior of the house. She got it all sorted out. M for meticulous. It looks like I will be back there again sometime soon. 

The state of her fridge was sad, but one could see how passionate she was towards chilli. It's ok to starve but it's not ok not to have chilli, more chilli and chilli powder. I made a mental note to check out the fridge on my next visit.

At 1830ish we said goodbye. I saw that I had another 43km to drive. That meant I would have covered 250km in total that day. The drive back south however, was much more pleasant than I expected. The experience of driving through the entire Swan Valley alone in sunset, hectares of hectares of vineyards abutting both sides of the long, straight road, with classical music of FM 97.7 in the background, was quite unforgettable. It took most of my weariness away by the end of it. I could imagine M driving through that stretch with her family one day. They would probably love it, I'm happy for her. For those who followed her story, give the brave lady a clap. She was the craziest of us yet. I wouldn't do what she did, for sure.

First challenge from here would be. Like it or not, she'll have to learn how to cook. Hopefully before I know it, M doesn't stand for McDonald's anymore. They had too much, far too much of it since arrival.


  1. Omg! I could not imagine buying a house, settling in, ..
    I need to work fast and plan the transition well!

    U are so nice to help M in settling despite the distance!

  2. Would you be so kind to drive to Sydney too?

    Really nice of you to help M despite the distance you have to travel. After looking at my fridge, I can kind of relate myself to M too... =(

    1. If I have the luxury of time and money, I'll gladly do so. That'll be something I like doing.

  3. *I was kidding about the Sydney thingy.

  4. Good on you bro for helping our new friends set up and settle down.

    Looks like you have taken a liking to the Swan Valley :)

    We can be neighbours if you build in Swan Valley too.

    And you can help me fix my beds too. Cheers!

    1. Whatever you trust me to do for you, I'll definitely give a hand