14 Months of Perth

Swan Valley

Little hands like grape vines reach
To explore what will become
Just as we are meant to teach
Those hands find meaning on their own 
- Jessy Liz

A long year for the euphoria to fade. A reader once commented that was the beginning of the end of my appreciation of Perth. I would be looking behind the shoulders to admire the fine life I once had. I knew what he was talking about. Physically in Perth but constantly lamenting what was lacking - which was in abundance in Singapore. I had met enough people of this kind.

So why did they come?

They wanted the best of both world. A stake in both countries. Reaping the benefits on both ends. It was all about money at the end of the day. Some people never change, no matter where they are. We can take ourselves out of Singapore but we cannot take the Singaporean out of us. Nothing wrong with that. Just felt a little empathy for this kind. Perth feels like a jail term to them. Like the hungry ghosts of the netherworld, they run amok once a year.

If you could have anything in the world, anything at all. The most beautiful place to live, overlooking acres of meadows. Deers sighted occasionally to have a drink in the ever sparkling stream down the valley. Food, fruits, wine and clothing in abundance. You can even drive a Ferrari, the red type which goes up to 178km/h in a flash. The catch is, you are the only human living in the near-paradise. No one looks at your instagram, where you painstakingly posted every possible angle of yourself with your red car. No one cares if you eat a few abalones everyday and flush your throat with bird nest. Not a soul knows about your smartly renovated house. No one pats on your back to tell you how well you have done in life. Is that a blissful life nonetheless or it is totally meaningless to you? This answer is the key to many of locked doors.

Very slowly, I felt aliened from my past identity. A lot of conversations held no meaning anymore, there wasn't as many as I prefer outside the usual materialistic topics. Hardly anyone stops to do something simple, something different, something crazy anymore. We were drones, who live and die for materialism. That was why we were each treated like an economic numeric.


  1. So I see that you allow comments from Anonymous again. I suppose it must have been difficult for you to live with diminished number of comments when the Anonymous was obsolete.

  2. U know when I got excited spotting squirrel in the tree, I was laughed at being childish.

    When I pointed the beautiful flowers blooming by the streets and said like sakura, one coldly said aiya, cannot compare to the real ones.

    When I brought my two young ones and chanced upon the boars, many were surprised.

    If one cannot appreciate nature in SG, they will never elsewhere.

    I guess most appreciate money for money can buy the appreciation they get from others nd the vicious cycle goes on and on.

    Isn't it great waking up in a beautiful country with fresh air? Did u mention deer?
    Walk by the meadow, oh.... It's life!

  3. Talking about Drones. There are plenty out there in Gaza killing civilians! Materialistic Drones are not as bad as those evil Drones. Materialistic Drones are kiasu, kiasi type! Lol!

  4. There is something special about being the only car for tens if not hundreds of kilometres on a countryside road.

    There is something special about being one of only a few people on a nice and endless stretch of beach.

    There is something special about just stopping your car at a carpark and walking away without the need to pay or think about how many coupons to tear.

    There is something special about nothing.

    But some people feel this is boring.

    To each his own.