What to Expect From MSM in the Coming Years

The WhiteAxeTrainer V5.4 decoding software actually sent a buzz tonight. That was an unprecedented event, surely. It was as if it had a life of its own. The title of the window was, "What to expect from MSM in the next few months." Hmm. Didn't know the software do forecasting too. So what do we have here?

What to expect from the MSM in the coming years
- WhiteAxeTrainer

1) Relentless reporting of business failures (checked)

2) Make frequent reports on losses or near-misses of foreign investments (checked)

3) Disseminate more reports, with the help of allies (checked)

4) Warn everyone how bad life its going to be (checked)

5) Interview SME owners and amplify their sob stories how difficult it is to find staff.

6) Interview 'random' people on the streets about how opportunities have dwindled and how worried they are.

7) Rev up news of retrenchment, linking these cases and other things that are going wrong, such as cleanliness standards, abuse of animals or sex scandals to the new tightening immigration policies and slower growth.

8) Go full gear with alarming reports why Singapore must re-adopt the growth-at-all-cost strategy, urgently.

9) Spam positive news such as large crowds in shopping centres. More reports announcing Singapore's economic woes have recovered, ruling party claims all credit.

10) Announces profit sharing from bullish economy for all citizens.

11) Singapore holds general election.

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