Internet Hurricane Coming Our Way

Ministry of Internet Pawnage

The failure to prevent multiple 'once in 50 years' floods must have tramatised Yakult so much so he  has been making sure that every hole in the internet must be plugged since he took on his new appointment as MICA boss. His efforts must have been recognised thus far. Hey, don't play play. A new Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI) has been set up lately and it will be personally headed by Yakult, starting from 1 Nov 2012. That's today isn't it? Congratulations.

So Singapore and Singaporeans need yet another ministry? I suppose nobody asked you. Maybe most of you aren't even aware of mushrooms growing in the backyard. So let's get to know your new ministry better.
The dynamic green brush stroke, an evolution of the logo of MCI’s predecessor, conveys engagement in public communications and outreach to all sectors of our society to support a well-informed and connected society. The wave of the logo symbolises riding the wave of innovation in the info-communications, library, media and design sectors to offer our people a better quality of life. Balanced on the top of the wave is a bold red dot representing a vibrant Singapore.  

The last time I have been forced to use my WhiteAxeTrainer V5.4 decoding software [link] was a couple of months ago. Guess this time I would have to do it all over again. This is what I've got after I ran the software across the above:

Whatever Shit
The green mighty gauntlet, a symbol of ruling with an iron fist, will engage the public, particularly the online community of Singapore. The sharp tip of the gauntlet represents accreditation of deserving modes of public communication determined by the Singapore government. The white cross in the middle conveys proactive moves to control bad bloggers, such as Balanced on the top of the sensitive tip is a nation of citizens waiting to be screwed. 

With my posts about MSM over the year and my recent little discussion with Eglin from Shitty Times lately, it will be no time I would be awarded this by the MCI.

I might as well fucking display it first.


  1. Lol! KNN! Spot on. Who are they trying to con?

  2. The thing is, just like food hygiene ratings, the worse the rating, the better the food (content)!

    1. Those are the vendors rated 'C'.
      'D' are for those with a really strong stomach.

  3. Hi Asingaporeanson

    A darn good response indeed.!!

    1. Do you happen to know winkingdoll? I am her fan

    2. Hi asingaporeanson,

      Hmm, I don't think I know a Nick Lim in Vancouver... yet :P Thanks for being my fan!

      Cheers, WD.

  4. My wife and I are avid followers and fans of yours and winkingdoll's blog. We have lots of empathy with what you both wrote. Australia is where I graduated, Singapore my birthplace and Canada my home now.
    No, we do not know winkingdoll personally. Vancouver is a big "kampong" you know.