Dear Angie, Congratulations Angie

Good morning sister,

You could be awake at this deathly hour, going about your noble motherly duties. Firstly, thanks for the moral support you had given since I left Singapore. We barely knew each other, only to formally introduced over a felicitous occasion of our lovely mutual friend a month or so before I departed. 

Our chats over the internet had been exiguous but purposeful. They cured the anxieties of a clueless man, the sole caregiver of wife, pregnant with their first child, in a faraway strange place. Gradually, the man composed and saw through his responsibilities with confidence. Whenever this man cuddles his bubbly little lass at home after his routine toil, he is grateful. The amount of valuable guidance you provided for my hasty project during my return to Singapore was peerless. If that wasn't enough, you took time to befriend my mum and offered assistance. 

Congratulations to both of you on getting your first home. Finally. A place to call your own. I can imagine your euphoria a rather lasting one compare to the rest. I share your joy because I could empathise with your plight. You went through fourteen years of pain when I was already whining at one. Before signing off, I need your help again. Please assist me to relay an extended congrats to Lex, for having an exceptional virtuous woman for his wife. We are both lucky men.

My best wishes to Lex, Lucius and yourself. Enjoy yourselves and take care. I hope you have not given up on the similar retirement dreams that we share. Keep the dream alive. I hope to see you soon.


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