Reunion in Cyberspace

It must had been a long wait for my buddy. I guessed he already gave up some time ago. Somehow, I managed to get my ADSL2 up, all credit to Jen who coordinated everything. The PC was assembled after some fiasco and the game was finally installed. With that, I'm back in our gaming party, a 2-men party, sometimes 3, established since 1991.

It was scary to think we had been fighting alongside each other for 21 years. The 2-men party was started by the limitations of the gaming dynamics back then, rather than choice. I'm referring to Nintendo Games. We were no geniuses, but we make a good team. Back then, we beat Contra 1 with ease, starting with 3 lives each and ending with 7-8 which the rest of our friends wouldn't play the game without hitting the 30 lives code. We had decent teamwork in Double Dragon series, Twin-Bee, Konami World among the popular 2-player games back then.

Like any boys back then, we loved to show off our skills in games. We were good in games that caught our interests. No one was good in every genre, but there were guys who were certainly bad at everything. My buddy and I were competitive. Not to outdo each other, but to beat the common enemies faster and better each time. When we succeed in beating the game, we wanted to thrash the game with ease and eventually dominate the game in style. We saw partnerships soured with disagreements or jealousy but it never happened to us.

This common interest in gaming allowed us to play many single player games together. It was quite unthinkable for many to play a game without being on the reins. Yet we did that countless times in Captain  Tsubasa and PC games such as Immortal, the Might and Magic series and the Heroes of Might and Magic series etc.

Going into the adult world, we hardly play a game together anymore. Fortunately the MMORPG platform allowed the party to continue. We started with The4thcoming, (bet no one heard of this one) and subsequently the popular ones like the Diablo series. For the last 5 years, our adventures had been reduced to just one game, due to our own commitments. Sometimes Jen sat by me to watch me play. Needless to say, it was complex and probably uninteresting to her. I answered her questions in layman terms most of the time but I left out the 21 years of gaming philosophies my buddy and I shared. It was near impossible to relate. 

So it looks like more gaming, less blogging from now. I'll expect a great reduction in quality of each post, not that there is much quality in the first place. Ha ha. Seeya in Guild Wars II buddy. If any of you are playing the game, give us a beep.


  1. I find your passion for gaming amazing, more so because I do not play computer games. But I admire people with passions, whatever it may be. So keep it up mate!

  2. I never understand gaming or gamers at all! I also dont unstable fishing at all. I would rather do something else!

  3. Welcome back (to gaming), Commander (like Command and Conquer / Red Alert games go).
    I'm a single-player gamer, and loving it.

    I've always felt I'd be intimidated or bored (yes, two extremes) by multi-player gaming.
    I suspect either folks online cannot wait for me, while I attend to child little-emergencies, go to the toilet, eat a meal, check my mail / social media.
    Or perhaps I actually lack the patience and stuck-in-seat stamina to play, or even chat via instant messaging.

    I'm currently in the opposite direction from you.
    With the new centre academic year studying, I'm far more busy writing and writing to prepare work and answer correspondence, than I've been at play.

    Nevertheless, I'm still waiting to return to X-COM: Enemy Unknown and City Life 2012 on PC, and Alan Wake and Skyrim on XBox 360.
    But I got to replay on Android: Andor's Trail and Tac Star Deluxe and Zombiewood.

  4. Hi,

    I've been lurking around her for 4 months now. Reading several of your blog post on a daily basis. I started from the beginning and I reckoned it will take me more than a year (or 2) before I reach where you are now.

    Like most people here, I am in the midst of migrating to Aussie with my wifey. It is going to be a long process and I reckoned what better way to get myself familiarize with Australia by looking from your perspective.

    by the way, I am a gamer myself and I have played T4C before. Love the ivory white Seraph wings and the long quest to reach there.