Minions of Summer

You can feel his searing aura even though he is far, far  away. It'll be 10 days before he'll come upon us, eliminating life, invoking forest fires and irritate the hell of rest who are alive. They're here again. Flying scouts of the Dreaded One, setting the throne of their master for his grand entrance.

The past encounter left behind vivid memories. Summer burnt my tools out, set my clothes on fire during work countless times, tormented my beloved woman and infant. It is obvious which loophole Summer will exploit this time. I can hide but I can never run. I am sweating with fear at the thought of driving under the solar eradication spells of the arch lich. I'll worry about him later. A step at a time. Besides, I've been kept busy with his minions.

I've killed 12 minions of Summer so far. They irritate me to the core. I never fail to be amazed how everyone else put up with them. I can't last a second not taking action when they perform the diving attacks. I have a special skill that I picked up in my Singapore days, killing these minions with my bare hands. An unexpectedly handy skill, if you ask me. Especially when one have no weapon readily around.

Any skill can be perfected with practice. To practice, we need to understand the concept. That shall be revealed here today. To kill a minion of Summer, one needs to clap the air just above an unsuspected one taking a break from its insidious attacks. I've slayed many this way. Never hit directly at it. That is the level of the masters, such as me. 

Good luck, citizens of Perth.

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