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Dear Nix,

Thank you for emailing the Customer Liaison Department to express your thanks and appreciation and also your concerns regarding your experience at Royal Perth Hospital, in particular the care provided to you by two nurses.

The positive feedback you have provided is most welcome. Please be assured that your comments of appreciation and thanks will be passed on to all staff concerned and we know they will be delighted to hear from you. Such plaudits raise morale and provide essential feedback. Only a few patients take the time to call or write to thank the staff who looked after them but their words of praise are always gratefully received.

If you have any other queries, please feel free to contact our office on (08) 9224 1637.
Yours sincerely
Royal Perth Hospital   I   South Metropolitan Area Health Service 
Wellington Street
Wellington Street Campus    I   South Block Level 3 

Other than the staff at Royal Perth Hospital, I was lucky enough to have not one but three nurses who extended their care for me out of their duty. All three had demonstrated what I thought that was the true spirit of nursing. Nursing isn't a just a job. Nurses pride it as a profession. To me, it is a calling. How else would you explain the concerns and help I received from them, even though I wasn't a patient under their care in the hospital they worked for? I have not even met two of the three nurses and am unlikely to do so, being poles apart geographically. I mean, I know I won't help some stupid blogger whom I don't know personally with their computer problems or offer remote assistance fixing up a leaking pipe in the house. 

That's the difference between great and average people. The group of big hearts are not limited to the angels in white. I had received a haul of well wishes via the net from names that I was new to. No death notes, surprisingly. There were a surprising spike in house visits over the last fortnight as well. I am touched by these gestures and I want to tell you every bit helps in my lifelong battle with cancer. I am grateful to the seniors who are still keeping me in their thoughts and helping me out by dishing out advice from their richer life experience.

It is interesting to note that I've been supported quite equally on three fronts. Dietary advice, mental & spiritual training and raw brawl war cries. I think each category is crucial to where I am today. Hopefully by my next appointment in June, I will be found cancer free and need little or no complicated treatments so I can focus on a straightforward fight to keep cancer at bay by taking care of myself, changing many old habits.

I'm truly amazed and humbled by this. Thank you everyone.

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