Random Prices in Perth (May 2013)

1L of sunblock to bathe in for A$8.97

I love these but I can't eat them anymore

Joni swore that Australia Milo is better than Singapore.
Tell me T/F? In any case, people told me the milo is cheaper here too.
Is that true? That's A$15 bucks for 1.5L for you

Coffee. Not a fan.

I'm a fan of these but...
Check out the prices. Cheaper 

I can't remember the prices of Pringles in SG.
So, you've gotta tell me are these worth buying here

Heh. These looked pretty decent. I thought it was priced fairly.
How much is one of these in Singapore?

It is as big as a small chopping board. I'm not kidding you.
A$6.24 and you'll have one of these.

Not a fan but there.

Ah, everyone's favourite

I'm sorry I took too many pictures of chocolates and other rubbish food. It must be my cravings acting up again. One couple of my neighbours are in Perth for short holiday and told me they have maxed out their luggage weight totally even before their last day. I was curious what would be attractive to buy home for Singaporeans. This couple told me among food stuff, they bought 1-2 sets of bedsheets which cost a fraction of what it would be in Singapore. Are you kidding me?! Bedsheets? Well there is a lot to learn about Australia. I am such a noob.

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  1. Yup, Milo taste better because they use milk in AU where as in SG they use palm oil. For a similar version i.e. Milo AU formula it is cheaper in AU.