The Update

I'm sorry for posting gore but the story has to be told. Be glad, I've self-censored and excluded the picture of the catherer because some memories were better left unsaved. Fact, these were very small sacrifices to get well. In fact little needle marks on my arms meant nothing to me. Pissing lightning bolts did though but that didn't last more than 2 weeks. I felt the pain very remotely by now. Even the infection in either my bladder or the urinal tract seems clearing up, hopefully.

Pre-surgery wait. I have nice legs I know. That's about as feminine as I ever got.
The burn wounds on my thigh which I incurred last year have since healed.
Good as new, though it left a monument on it.

Leg arm on Day 2

Right arm on Day 2

The mess I left behind after blood drips uncontrollably from
you know where when I got up to make the first pee.

So where do I go from here? Next month I will be returning to the hospital again. The laboratory results will be out by then and I will be able to know the staging as well as the grading of my cancer tumors. From there, it will be a good indication what kind of treatment the doctors will want me to take up. I am not sure if they will do another scan at that point to see if there are any signs of significant cancer cells remaining in my bladder, or have re-grown since. That's when the many prayers (I was told) that had me kept in will come useful. Let's hope the prudent diet I have faithfully followed since contributes well to my intent to rebuild my once fully-functional immune system.

I can understand why many cancer patients lose hope and die when they find cancer returning again and again and again. Positive thinking is important, I agree with that but I don't think the people who die from cancer are pessimists in the first place. There are only so many times a human being can be strong and believe. You cannot expect the positivity increase with each passing painful surgery or chemotherapy. It is really easy to tell someone with a time bomb is his body to be strong and not to be fearful. Definitely easier to do than to tell everyone around not to worry and that things are under control when you are holding the bomb in your own hands.

By the way if you are wondering why I have time to take pictures like the above instead of tending to myself, that explains why you are reading this blog and not the other way round. I find sarcasm regarding of this nature hypocritical. The very same people will be the ones watching videos of natural disasters, build collapses and terrorists attacks with popcorn in their hands. And the folks who brought those wonderful entertainment to them were in far more danger.

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