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Hi, there.
Your blog has been an inspiration to me to kickstart my preparation for Australia.
I have been reading it faithfully almost every week.
I hope I could get your opinion on my current situation.
I am a 27 year old, single female, working as a healthcare professional (occupational therapist) in an acute hospital in  Singapore.
I completed my final year of university in La Trobe in Melbourne in 2009.
Fell in love with the people and the lifestyle. Ever since then, the thought of going back to Melbourne to work/migrate has been occupying my mind every week till now.
I know the journey to work/migrate there will be rough, and I thought it will be best to start early, especially when I am still young and has little obligations. My job is on the nominated occupation list for Australia, I have only $10K in my savings and I am currently taking up driving lessons, just in case I need to drive to work in Australia. I am keen to work in Melbourne city, but will consider the regional areas and even Perth, if there are lack of jobs.
Wish to seek your advice, based on these basic information I have given you:
1. What else should I consider to prepare in Singapore prior to moving there?
2. When should be an ideal time to file in for a visa? (they keep changing the criteria, so I know I can't prolonged the application, but yet, I think I need to prepare adequately first before rushing head on with it)
3. Do you know of any single Singaporeans (male or female) in similar circumstances? Especially those interested in going to Melbourne? If you do, do you mind providing me the email addresses of these people? Social support of like-minded people will come in handy for me.
Your reply is greatly appreciated!

Thank you. 
Warmest Regards,


Hey Adik,

You are young, you have plans, you take action and prepare yourself such as taking initiative to contact someone and learning how to drive. To be honest as compared to you, my preparation back then was complete shambles. That was probably why I had it rough here in the earlier days, as you might already have read before. I was glad I made the decision back then to write an account of my misadventures. If I were to start doing it now, I wouldn't have remember even half of the details. I'm glad you benefitted from the hard knocks I took and began making your own arrangements to avoid them. Hearing how you are doing so far, I don't think you will have much problems because you have the (imo) most important attribute to do this - the right mentality.

1) Unfortunately I know nuts about Melbourne so I will not be able to give you any specific information on what to look out for over there. You may wanna look for the very nice people here. Say hi to Mr Thomas Lim for me, he's my bro.

Save money. As much as you can. You can never have too much. 

Start telling your family about your intentions if you haven't done so already. 

In order not to complicate matters, I think these are what you should be concerned about at this stage.

2) If you qualify (double, triple check), do it now. Getting your PR IS preparing yourself adequately.

3) Perfect timing. Someone is heading Melbourne. Male, single. I had sent you his email address. Good luck securing your support team.

Best of luck and keep me updated of your adventures.


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