The Star Will be Back Soon

Author of Musings from the Aotearoa [link], aka the star man of the long ago post, "Another Crazy Singaporean Son," [link] will be back! His fans (including me) can look forward to more insights about his incredible adventure in New Zealand. He have since returned to Singapore to hatch his next plan and we have been keeping in contact. Believe me, J will make it to where he wants to go. Although I have never met the man in person, I just know. He is the kind of person who oozes intent and you can feel that even 4000km over emails.

Without getting his permission, I will rudely reveal the sneak peek to the great things coming;

Hi Nix, 
Want to update you on my camera situation. Just received it in my mail 2 days ago and been playing around with some data recovery software on its sd card. I had managed to recover roughly the last week of my camera photos before it got stolen. Of course, not all of the photos had been recovered. In total, I got around 300 photos back. Will be checking out the camera functions this weekend to check if it's still workable. 
I also found out the reason why it was delayed, due to the camera having a litium battery which according to international air shipment guidelines is considered dangerous goods. I believe when the airline or postal service find out about it, they returned it back to the NZ police, hence the delay. In the end, NZ police has to discharge the battery totally and packed it outside of the camera before they could remail it to me. 
Will be looking at continuing the blog and currently back on working with the draft posts although don't expect much as majority will still be without photos. Maybe will put some posts up before June ends.

J was devastated when he lost his camera which was an important source of the precious memories of his NZ adventures. He was disappointed enough to stop blogging altogether. I can fully empathize with that for I stopped blogging twice myself when I was indignant. Meanwhile I will look forward to reading his new posts. Great pictures, great place, great stories. What's there not to be excited about?