PR Expiring. How? How? How?

Wednesday, 1 May 2013
Autumn, Rainy

I received a message from Tucky all the way from Singapore. "How? Can kill a plant with your urine?"

Theoretically, after removing the tumor in my bladder that was obstructing my urine flow, I would be re-equip with a powerful jet that would do wonders. Yes, including killing red backs perhaps. In practical, I was wincing like a wimp with carefully controlled releases over the day. Before that operation, I read comments from past patients who underwent the same operation describing the post-surgery urine passing rituals as 'pissing razor blades'. A little off the mark, I would say. I was pissing lightning bolts.

I received many messages from nurses emerged out of nowhere. Singapore, Canada and even right here in Perth! Thank you for assuring me that I will be fine. I have to be. I cannot go on firing lightning bolts with the magic wand like that. I don't need to. I don't have an noseless enemy who killed my parents to go after. Tomorrow will be a better day.

Meanwhile I came across several requests-for-advice lately of the same nature. The folks were struggling with the fact their previously acquired Australia PR is expiring. As we all know, on paper, we need to physically stay in Australia to fulfill the requirements to renew the visa for a few more years - to stay. For these folks, to buy more time to move. Most of these people hold good jobs in Singapore. Are you surprised? Not at all. After all these days, you need to be quite something to be eligible for an Australia PR visa to begin with. After a few years of delaying the move to Australia, most of them would have moved up considerably in their respective corporate ladders.

Why am I reading grown mature adults groaning like kids about their expiring Australia PR visas? Because their friends told them an Australia PR was too 'precious' to give up? Oh come on. I wonder what these folks do when they decide to marry their spouses. Consult their friends if that girl was good enough? I couldn't imagine why anyone will be antagonised by something like that.

Consider this. Why did they apply for the Australian PR visa in the first place? Did their friends told them to do so? I don't think so. Apply for fun, for the shiok of it? I highly doubt so. Even a few thousand bucks is worth a pinch to Singaporeans, however rich they are. So why didn't they make the move once they get their application approved? Not ready. Bidding their time. Need to complete studies. Need to get married. Need to have babies first. Need to get their bonus, gratuity or promotion. There are thousands of reasons. Don't get me wrong. No reasons are invalid because every one has their priorities in life.

Ok. So how do I feel about people getting flustered when their PR is running down the clock? Well. If there are too much things to give up for. Don't. Don't move. Obviously this group of people would not put everything down and make the move unless there are something ready on the other side, red carpet rolled out neatly. You know the usual things, job, accommodation, cars and stuffs. I would not say these do not happen. They do but rarely. If it happens, I'm happy for you. If it doesn't, by all means forget about the PR and stick to the career that you have painstakingly built up. Rightfully so. Who is to say that is the wrong decision? You don't need to make a naked move if it seems all too daunting. But don't tell me you don't even have the guts to stay put? 

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