Jobs for Social Workers?


Just came back from a self-drive holiday from Perth and felt that the place is great, albeit some nasty discriminations against our skin.

Nevertheless, I feel that the place gives me some freedom and space to do what I want, in an environment where I could own a house and car comfortably.

I am a social worker and I wonder if job opportunities are good in Perth?

I am not thinking of immigration just yet, just want to work a few years there to see how's things in real terms.

Hear your views soon.

Many thanks.

M* N*



I have a friend who works as a social worker in Singapore. Before I came here she told me that she would have qualified for the old Subclass 175 (Permanent Resident) Visa if she wanted to apply then but she didn't because she felt the pace was 'too slow' in Australia and it was only suitable for retirees. From there, I gathered that social workers should not have much of a problem to get their PR unless the rules changed since.

I understand that you will want to continue your practice even after you migrate. Unfortunately you provided me very little information that I probably need to comment on. Say, if you specialise in working with needy children, you may be able to find work here. According to the news I watched just last night, school violence was on an all time high in the whole of Australia, not just Western Australia. There were teachers quitting their jobs because the abuse they were subjected to were too much for them to take. If you do a simple search, you'll find examples easily such as this article [link] and one of those like the below;

Though I don't know much about the social worker industry, I think it is pretty clear that there is a demand of social workers in a country that accepts refugees, allows people on the dough, where drugs are more easily accessible to public as compared to Singapore. As mention earlier, I don't have any information what is relevant to you. I reckon that there are more people who needs help in a country with a population of 22 million compared to one with 5.3 million. In fact, I need help too.

Good luck to your quest for space,


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