Returning to Work

Today is the last working day of my medical leave. On Monday I will be returning to work. I expect the first week to be tiring, a definite thing when someone is out of work for so long. I will be asleep very early, especially in the first few days of the week. I expect a sigh of relief when weekend finally comes. Ok. It isn't that bad. My job isn't anything like my first job. My colleagues are fine too so I will be alright. In fact, with a super boosted bladder now, I have to say I will even perform better than I used to, spending less time in toilet and all that.

Honestly, I feel a tad sad that my break is coming to an end. I realised this is the first time I have taken a real break since 17 September 2011. The only time I took leave from work was a couple of days when Albany was born. Trust me, you don't call that a break where both of us have no prior experience in handling a baby. In fact, Albany was the first baby I ever held in my arms! The second time I took leave was the two weeks back to Singapore where I spent every single day busy with work that I preferred not to share here. By the time I left Singapore, I was more tired than before. That went on until ... the day I was discharged.

These two weeks were a blessing in disguise. Yeah, cancer was bad. Nobody wants cancer. Nobody likes to die either but everyone has to. So since I've got cancer, let's deal with it. I stayed at home most of the time - and loved it. I could sense my wife's boredom. She loves a outing now and then but we had too few of those lately. But I enjoyed staying at home. It wasn't because I could keep myself occupied because we finally had internet access after engaging vividwireless for a trial period. It was the fact we have never lived alone since we got married. Jen moved in with my parents' after our wedding till the day we left Singapore. In Perth, we rent-hop thrice and had to stay with other people each time. We finally have a chance to start living like a family after we moved here a month or two ago. With Albany fast growing and her mobility increasing as fast as her curiousity, we hardly had the time to sit down and chat. These two weeks was good and allowed some of those, at least much better than when I had to go to work every day.

Meanwhile, we are internet-less again from yesterday onwards. Despite the tweakings, things simply didn't work out and we chose to go back to ADSL. Thus, I will not be online for the next 7-28 days while waiting for the good people to fix it up. If I am determine enough to blog via my mobile phone, which I sometimes do, you may still see me around. You probably don't, so too bad if you do.

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