Packing up

Have you ever wondered how to pack stuff for a semi-migration if you are not calling in the movers? Let me explain what is 'semi-migration'. We are taking along our clothing, but not all of them, our daily items but not all of them, books but not all of them, cash... you get the idea.

Despite that, it is still a challenge packing everything we think we need into the limited space and weight that the airline (we are using Quantas this time round) allows us.

Take a look at these 4 packs, no bigger than 330mm x 260mm x80mm each.

Pack 1 (top right): 8 x work clothes + my Liverpool scarf that a good friend gave it to me.
Pack 2 (bottom right): 4 x jeans
Pack 3 (bottom left): 10 x T-shirts
Pack 4: (top left): 5 x work pants

Very pro right? These 4 packs can easily fit into a medium-big haversack. I'm proud of my packing skills, hiak hiak. SAF, come over and let me pat you on the head for this useful skill imparted to me during my NS days. Ok, now fuck off.

In the background is my Jack Russell Terrier, the love of my life whom I'm leaving behind. I'll definitely miss him a lot and I'm already thinking of bringing him over once I settle down there.


  1. Hey where did u get those plastic packs ?

  2. @Nora: those are ordinary zip lock bags you can find in the supermarket :)