Last day

My last residence in Singapore.. I miss it so
Last day in school. 
Last day of exams.
Last day of a long weekend. 
Last day in a crap company.
Last day in the army.
Last day of a holiday.
Last day of a grueling training course.

The last day. A day which invokes a different feeling for everyone. 

One thing is for sure, the happiness or sadness we have on the last day of an event happening to us is always short-lived.  

"Last day in school! Graduation from primary school! No more Miss Ong!"

Happiness. Short-lived. In a turn of an eye, you're facing more homework, more exams, more Mr Sapuans in secondary school.  That's life. The good thing about this is that sadness can be short-lived too. Somehow I suspected though not proven, sadness has a longer life expectancy than happiness.  Still, it dies like everyone, against time.

Today is my last day in Singapore.  I am not returning for a while. So how do I feel? It feels strange, almost surreal.  Compared to the last few days, I feel neither sad nor happy. Neither excited nor fearful. Perhaps it's the last minute mad-rush to get anything and everything settled that I have no time to stop and think.  Or maybe I'm just weary of the whole thing.  It's time this day comes.

If opinions of others makes the truth, this would be me:

1) A quitter
2) CMI in Singapore.
3) Naive cow heading towards greener grass mirage
4) A stubborn mule
5) A parent dumper
6) Immature gold seeker
7) Lazy bum who wants to slack
8) Brave man
9) Buay steady neighbour

Doesn't sound that good does it?  Wonder if Singapore still loves me.


  1. Hello! came across your blog - it's circulating on FB. :) I'm a fellow Singaporean 'quitter' who arrived on Aussie shores in Feb 11. Just dropping a line to say 'hello' and when the going gets tough (as it inevitably will), remember why u left!

  2. @Milcy: Hi. Thank you for taking time to post this. As far as I'm concern, the going gets tough from Day 1. I'm a softie. I almost forget why I left. Maybe I should write it down somewhere...

  3. g'day S'porean Anson (Singaporeanson?). m luvin' ur blog! mainly coz i m comtemplating being a quitter too.. thots of leaving SG have been with me for the longest time (since i was single till now, mama of 2 kids). well, heaps of homework to do, should we wanna move on & settle down @ AU. anyhow, juz to let u know i'd b following ur blog religiously.. haha.. u stay happy & healthy, mate.. my warmest regards to ur missus & Albany too! =D

  4. Bro.. I came across this blog from a link from your post on Singapore Club in AU. And now I am reading it from the beginning.

    I am about to get on the same boat (or plane) as you and fly into Perth soon.

    I am still reading thru the blog - but I want to wish you a big thanks for writing this - as someone who is about to embark into the unknown, your blog is helping to soften the fall, if any.

    I shall contact you in person, if you don't mind, nearer my own departure date, as of now unconfirmed, but sometime this year.

  5. Hi,

    No worries, when it's the time to come, the singaporeans here will be happy to say hi

  6. I wanted to move to Australia. It never happened for me, but I can really relate to the way you were labeled by the people in your life. I'm glad you didn't let their opinions steer you away from moving to Australia. I'm enjoying your blog : )