Jenny Alfresco Hairdresser

It has everything you need.

Cape - Disposable.

Scissors - a pathetic pair but we will see it strengthening this part.

Mirror - a small one (at the top of the air con unit)

High chair - borrowed Joanna's bar top chair.

Hair dresser - Jen

The birth of Jenny Alfresco Hairdresser.


  1. Haha. Reminds me of my uni life. Never went to a barber but got sone frens to cut for me. Think like 3-4 friends experimented on me repeatedly. Help me save money. Long fringe then. Haha. Next time got chance then show pics when u back . ;) - raptor

  2. @ Raptor: I don't mind if you post here too, bro =D

  3. Not for public viewing... hee hee... like pics of yourself... :)