Rosti Revisted

The first time I made Rosti in Singapore a few years ago, it ended up a nightmare.  The Rosti was undercooked and soggy, overcooked (try figure that), tasted bland and the potato gratings just fell apart everywhere.

Today, I put the ghosts to rest. I know this is actually easy but I am a beginner cook so I have the right to feel pleased.  Muahaha!  Anyway, since I could do this, I reckon anyone could if they feel like doing this at home.

  • 4 medium/small size potatoes
  • 1 egg yolk
  • a pinch of herbs, anything from sage, thyme, basil, rosemary will taste ok in my opinion.  I used mixed italian herbs because that's the only thing I have here at that point.
  • a pinch of salt
  • a pinch of pepper
That's all.

1. Skin and steam the potatoes for 10 minutes to half cook it.  From the experience of the first failed attempt, the potatoes watered a lot during the cooking process. I think this step can help reduce this problem.  In addition, the half cooked potatoes will be easier to grate.

2. You only need the yolk. So leave out the whites.
3. I was lucky. My grater somehow fits perfectly over the bowl. This locking means I will have an easier time grating.
4.  See :)

5. Potatoes gratings done. Wasn't easy for me though, despite the lock in thing.

6. Add herbs, salt and pepper

7. Smear a little bit of oil or butter over the pan.

8. Toss the gratings in and have fun. If you are new to this, keep the flame lower so you don't get it burnt before the upper part even get cooked.

When the bottom is firm and browned, flip it by tossing in the air if you can. Else place a big plate over the gratings and flip the pan. Then slide the Rosti back into the pan.

9. I think it's done.

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