Job Interview Notification

Surprised to receive an email from Woolsworth. I applied for a job in their supermarket a couple of days ago.  I am not sure if this is considered an interview.  The email was titled : 

Woolworths/Safeway Invitation to Group Assessment

I gathered it is an interview? 

I have mixed feelings about it. Happy, definitely. Worried too, as usual. After all, I'm still me. The position I thought I applied for was a Nightfiller.  You know, replenishing goods and stuffs during the night time when the mart is not in operation so it will be ready for shoppers by the morning. But the email said I applied for a Longlife Assistant. Wondered what position is that? I'm going anyway. I need the job.

The interview process is going to be something I never experienced before. I am expected to work in pairs and then in groups(i've got no clue what it means), before I am given a pass or fail to the next round - the proper interview.  This sounds tough enough for a casual position.  Nevertheless, I hope I get the job. It's going to be on Thursday.

Meanwhile I am still waiting for DHL to deliver the goods. Oh man. 

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