Stock: Bought SPH

Date: 12 Sept 2012

Counter: T39:SI  (Singapore Press Holdings)

Price bought: S$3.63

Quantity: 2000

Brokerage: UOBKayHian

Commission: S$30.44

Notes: My target for this buy is a 7% yield per annum in the form of dividends.  Am I crazy to buy when global markets are trembling? May not be. After all it's better to 'buy when everyone is fearful and sell when everyone is greedy'.  The risk of this purchase is that profit margin of mainstream media is declining, though not rapidly.  However SPH is trying to diverse their business by going into online media as well as properties.  Will have to watch the next few financial results to decide if I will hold or not.  The reason why I choose this counter is that the company has proven itself as rather steadfast.  No doubt it will still receive a huge knocking if a world crisis comes and Europe and US debt issues are still looming, but I will probably collect a bit more of this when the time comes, if my reserves permit.

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