A Reply for the Surgeon

A reply for the Third World Doc previously posted here [link]

Dear asingaporean son, 

my name is Ben, a Singaporean in my final year of medicine at the University of Melbourne. 

I came across your blog today through a friend and I read with sadness regarding the "third world doctor". 

There is a student run society called Singapore Medical Society of Victoria (SMSV), and while I am NOT in the committee, I do know some of the committee members and also have a few contacts of Singaporean doctors (though mostly junior doctors) working in Melbourne. 

I have also worked with the President of the society, Ms Anna Tam, a final year student from Monash University on several occasions, and I am more than happy to make introductions for j***. 

In fact, SMSV will be having their annual meddies dinner next month, on the 27th September 2013 at Le Bangkok (195 Lonsdale St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia). Besides medical students, current Singaporean doctors are also invited to attend this social event. 

J*** is definitely most welcome to join us, and I am happy to introduce him to Anna, as well as other doctors who are present. Hopefully, he will be able to obtain some contacts and perhaps some advice for his employment situation.

If J*** would like to contact me, I am happy for him to contact me via this email address, or on my mobile at [number removed]. 

Please let me reassure you I am just trying to help a fellow Singaporean, and I have no other agenda. 

Will appreciate it if you could please relay this message to J*** for me. 

Thank you very much 

From one Singaporean son to another, 


Dear Ben,

Thank you very much. I will relay the message to J*** immediately.

Heartfelt thanks from asingaporeanson to another Singaporean son.

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  1. Maybe Surgeon should look up this Dr Leong Ng for advice